Corporate America reacted to recent nationwide anti-racism protests by pledging hundreds of millions of dollars and vowing to hire more people of color. Kimberly Houser, an expert on unconscious bias, has seen this before. Back in 2014, Silicon Valley responded to concerns the industry was dominated by white men by making similar promises to diversify. But little has changed in six years, especially for Black tech workers.

The problem, Houser explains, cannot be fixed with mere pledges or good intentions. But artificial intelligence, carefully designed, could do the trick, she writes.

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Bryan Keogh

Senior Editor, Economy + Business

Words alone won’t make corporate America more diverse. Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

Diversity pledges alone won’t change corporate workplaces – here’s what will

Kimberly A. Houser, University of North Texas

Recent anti-racism protests have spurred dozens of companies to vow to diversify their workforces, yet big tech's efforts to do so since 2014 show promises aren't enough to overcome the real problem.

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