Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 90th anniversary of the Nazi’s coming to power. The atrocities they would go on to commit were unprecedented and on such a scale that the innumerable details are still coming to light.

The anti-Semitism that culminated in the horrors of the concentration camps and the murder of six million Jews was the most visible manifestation of their obsession with eugenics and racial purity, but there were many other victims of their appalling ideology.

As Amanda Tink reminds us, disabled people were immediately targeted by the regime. Vulnerable and perceived as inferior, they were subjected to the same kinds of violent oppression the Nazis directed against Jewish people. The organisations that supported them were dismantled, discriminatory laws were passed, and they were targeted for extermination.

The historical facts Tink sets out with plainspoken eloquence in her moving essay are heartbreaking but essential reading. “These events are important to remember,” she writes – “not only as history, but as an example of how short the path from exclusion to murder can be.”

James Ley

Deputy Books + Ideas Editor

Disabled people were Holocaust victims, too: they were excluded from German society and murdered by Nazi programs

Amanda Tink, Western Sydney University

In 2023, International Holocaust Remembrance Day marks 90 years since the Nazis assumed power. Disabled people were the first Holocaust victims; Nazi programs discriminated against and murdered them.

Grattan on Friday: Response to Alice Springs crisis poses early Indigenous affairs test for Albanese

Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra

The challenges in Alice Springs shot to prominence just as the debate about the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum is becoming more difficult for Albanese.

Voluntary assisted dying will be available to more Australians this year. Here’s what to expect in 2023

Lindy Willmott, Queensland University of Technology; Ben White, Queensland University of Technology; Katrine Del Villar, Queensland University of Technology

This year sees three more states introduce voluntary assisted dying. But there are still several barriers to overcome.

Is ‘Toadzilla’ a sign of enormous cane toads to come? It’s possible – toads grow as large as their environment allows

Lin Schwarzkopf, James Cook University

Enormous cane toads in Australia are not new – but we might see even larger ones as predators figure out how to eat these introduced toxic toads.

Molly Meldrum at 80: how the ‘artfully incoherent’ presenter changed Australian music – and Australian music journalism

Liz Giuffre, University of Technology Sydney

Molly Meldrum is not a slick player, but a fan.

This election year, NZ voters should beware of reading too much into the political polls

Grant Duncan, Massey University

Recent political polls in New Zealand and elsewhere have consistently failed to reflect eventual outcomes. Voters and pundits alike should avoid reading them too literally.

Jacinda Ardern resignation has people wondering when to quit – but that’s the wrong way to think about burnout

Anthony Montgomery, Northumbria University, Newcastle

Burnout prevention needs to start with the organisation, not the employee.

‘The Whale’ is a horror film that taps into our fear of fatness

Beth Younger, Drake University

In a thin-obsessed culture, fatness has become its own kind of monster.

How we cracked the mystery of Australia’s prehistoric giant eggs

Matthew James Collins, University of Cambridge; Beatrice Demarchi, Università di Torino; Gifford Miller, University of Colorado Boulder

A puzzle over the identity of an extinct bird that laid eggs across Australia has been solved.

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