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December 2019




This time of the year, we're lucky to spend time with friends and family. To show our gratitude, we are sharing causes important to each of us. Please consider a donation.

Humans can never be User Researchers

OpinionHumans can never be User Researchers

Even when we are empathetic enough to understand our users, there are many subconscious biases that we are not aware of. These biases control our judgements even when we think that we are being neutral.

Microsoft Inclusive Design

People Inclusive Design by Microsoft

Accessibility allows users of all abilities to understand, use and enjoy the web. As designers, it is our responsibility to make sure we design in a way that is usable to all users irrespective of their situation, abilities or context.

Intelligent Design, Eames-Style

ReminderIntelligent Design, Eames-Style

“Design depends largely on constraints.” — Charles Eames

WWF and the Prado Museum join forces

MuseumWWF and the Prado Museum join forces

During the UN Climate Summit COP25 in Madrid, WWF and the Prado Museum have joined forces to demonstrate the impacts of climate change through their art masterpieces.

The Most Important Rule in UX Design that Everyone Breaks

UXThe Most Important Rule in UX Design that Everyone Breaks

There is one principle of organisation that every human should adhere to, particularly people who design products: Miller’s Law.


December 2019

We care,
we give



"Since I'm little, I give my toys and my clothes to Emmaüs... We can donate objects in good condition but also financial donations" — Tiphaine

User Experience

MeowCat's angels

"The goal of this association is to avoid the proliferation of wild or stray cats and to take care of cats reported injured or abandoned" — Noémie

User Experience

GiftOffrir son aide

"To find Christmas presents that bear meanings and support good causes." — Pierre

Charity water

Clean waterCharity Water

"I've been running campaigns with Charity water since 2010 and I will keep doing it!" — Guillaume


Helping handsCaritas

"I'm super attached to social causes. That's why I chose this year to donate to Caritas, which fights for the families and people in need." — Yassine



We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

the design team @ Antistatique