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MAKE Newsletter

October 17, 2011

Halloween is the maker's holiday, and it's just around the corner. As always, I'm excited to see the spooky electromechanical effects my neighbors have been quietly constructing in their basements and garages over the summer. I live in Studio City, CA, which, as the name suggests, is home to many TV and movie studios. As a result, this little town (a stone's throw from Hollywood) is loaded with F/X wizards, prop-makers, and other creatives who apply their silver-screen talents to incredibly cool front yard Halloween props. In recent years, though, amateur Halloween enthusiasts have been giving Hollywood a run for their money. Thanks to the internet (and MAKE!) you can get all of the information you need to construct a killer haunt or costume. Keep visiting Makezine.com and Craftzine.com in the coming weeks for stories, tutorials, videos, and an amazing contest celebrating of this most make-ish of holidays.

-Mark Frauenfelder, editor-in-chief of MAKE


Etched-brass modular synth

Etched-brass modular synth

Light Painting a B-25 Bomber

Light painting a B-25 bomber

Makers CAN change the world

Makers CAN change the world

Make a mathematical haircut

Make a mathematical haircut

The Toys and Games Issue

Volume 28 targets makers' passion for play head-on with a special 28-page Toys and Games section, including a toy "pop-pop" steamboat made from a mint tin, an R/C spycopter, and a classic video game console. You can also build a gravity catapult, a plush toy that interacts with objects around it, and a machine that blows giant soap bubbles. Play time is a hallmark of more intelligent species – so go have some fun! Not already a subscriber? Let's get that taken care of!

Intern's Corner: Failure Award

For the second year in a row, MAKE has been the proud provider of the Spectacular Failure Award for the annual Handcar Regatta in Santa Rosa, Calif. We love the Regatta and the spirit of playful celebration of those who take the biggest design risk and faceplant, or otherwise fail in some epic way. This year's amazing award was designed by Make: Labs intern Dan Spangler. In this brief interview, fellow intern Tyler Moskowite talks to Dan about the award's creation.

Catching Up with Make: Video

We hope you've been keeping up with our growing collection of Make: Video offerings and bimonthly Make: Live show. We just passed 250,000 subscribers on YouTube. And you can subscribe to each individual show via our iTunes hub. Above is an image from the latest Collin's Lab , where Collin Cunningham runs through some essential electronics tools, like that fetching nerdcore visor.

MAKE/CRAFT Halloween Contest

We're so excited about this year's Halloween contest, a joint project of MAKE and CRAFT, hosted on Make: Projects. We already have some great projects on the site, such as Marc Blownlow's Skull Truffles (above) and a giant Pac-Man costume that actually chomps. And the six prize packages we have lined up are scary-good and include gear from Singer, Dremel, Garrett Wade, and Maker Shed.

Plastics Month Roundup

If you missed any of the articles, tutorials, or projects from September's Plastics Month, you can access everything here.

Soapbox: MakerBot Interview

In the latest installment of PT's Soapbox, Phil conducts an exclusive, in-depth interview with MakerBot's Bre Pettis.