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October 2022

Keep up to date with conversations that are happening across the public sector that focus on procurement. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for stories to include in upcoming editions.

In this newsletter:

- KiwiRail supplier relationship journey
- Procurement community getting behind broader outcomes
- Procurement for the future – what’s new?
- Save the date!
- Privacy considerations when preparing a contract award notice
- GETS user guide for agencies
- Construction Sector Accord - NZS 3910 special conditions available
- Agency reporting reminder

KiwiRail supplier relationship journey

KiwiRail’s, Kriza Young, Procurement and Process Improvement Manager is passionate about supplier relationship management (SRM). She recently shared their SRM journey with David Graham, New Zealand Government Procurement’s Manager of Supplier Relationships.

Kriza says, “The power is in understanding and applying a systems approach. Our exact approach won’t suit or be the same for a small organisation, but segmenting your suppliers, and keeping on interrogating the data for each, will reveal much. What it reveals is always actionable and will help mature your supplier management relationship journey.”

KiwiRail supplier relationship journey


Procurement community getting behind broader outcomes

Despite the huge challenges over the last few years, government procurement and the wider sector, are delivering enhanced public value, or broader outcomes, through their planning and decision making.

It has been three years since the 4th edition of the Government Procurement Rules came into force. This rewrite of the Rules – which provide a framework for procurement planning and spend – has continued the evolution from best dollar value from government expenditure, to one that supports the Government’s wider environmental, social, cultural, and economic goals.

The work to create a more system-wide change continues, but the list of policy achievements already made possible is impressive, and spans:

  • Living wage: Workers on government cleaning, catering and security contracts paid at least the living wage;
  • Quality employment opportunities: Agencies creating employment opportunities for groups typically at-risk of poor labour-market outcomes;
  • Progressive procurement: Enabling and supporting more Māori businesses to engage in government procurement;
  • Electric vehicles: Optimising agencies’ fleet sizes and transitioning them to electric vehicles;
  • Low-carbon construction: Agencies must choose the lowest-carbon option when planning and constructing new buildings.
  • Guidance to the construction sector on broader outcomes: Practical step-by-step guidance for implementing broader outcomes in construction projects.

Thanks to everyone in the sector who are making this happen, and if you would like us to highlight your broader outcomes stories please get in touch.

Government Procurement: Report back on progress towards implementing strategic priorities and broader outcomes [PDF, 1.2MB] – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Improving conditions for New Zealand workers

Quality employment outcomes

Increasing access for New Zealand businesses

Reducing government fleet emissions

Construction procurement guidelines


Procurement for the future – what’s new?

For the last month we’ve focussed on progressing the programme roadmap and schedule, in preparation for the budget bid process. We’ll be connecting with agencies and suppliers over the next while to validate this work. Establishing partnerships across the system (agencies, suppliers and iwi) continues to be a major focus for the programme.

Data and transparency

We are progressing the detailed procurement planning for our end-to-end procurement platform that over time will enable agencies and suppliers to shift procurement lifecycle activities (plan, source, manage, review) to a digital environment which simultaneously collects data to reduce reporting burdens and create better insights. This expanded RFP will ensure we’re positioned for any additional functionality that may be required. Our first priority, will be the implementation of a procurement catalogue to support secondary procurement.

Working together as one

The Minister has endorsed further detailed design work and stakeholder engagement on sector leadership, with an update to Ministers by December 2022. The sector leadership working group, made up of procurement practitioners from key agencies, policy representatives from the Treasury and Public Service Commission, and Business New Zealand will progress this design work. Wider engagement with agencies, suppliers and New Zealand Government Procurement will help inform this work.

Unlocking value

Communities of practice are about to ramp up - discussions are underway with DIA about initiating and hosting forums for our wider community of practice to engage with each other further. This is planned for November/December launch.

Procurement for the future


Save the date!

Don’t miss our next Knowledge Hour, Procurement for the Future…in a nutshell.

Date: Wednesday 26 October 2022

Time: 3:00 – 4:00pm

In this session Laurence Pidcock, General Manager, New Zealand Government Procurement and the Programme team will provide a recap of the strategy behind the programme, the areas of government procurement it will impact and how to keep in touch and get involved.

By popular demand, we will also be sharing some of the initial thinking behind sector leadership and the next steps.

You will have time to ask your burning questions about the procurement for the future strategy and programme in the Q&A session.

Register for the webinar


Privacy considerations when preparing a contract award notice

When you publish a contract award notice on GETS (Rule 48, Government Procurement Rules), you must consider whether the contract award notice includes any personal information. The Government Procurement Rules do not override your agency’s obligations under the Privacy Act 2020.

Personal information means any information about an identifiable individual – eg a person's name or address. There may be instances when a supplier’s business information is also personal information. For example, if the successful supplier is a sole trader, the supplier's business address may also be their home address. This issue mainly comes up with sole traders, but it may also be relevant with other types of suppliers.

You should double check for any privacy considerations before publishing a contract award notice on GETS. If the contract award notice includes personal information, you could, for example, use their PO Box if they have one, or publish their home address if the supplier agrees. Otherwise, you should withhold the personal information – and replace it with a statement explaining the personal information has been withheld.

We are updating the template terms and conditions for each of the Request for Proposal, Registration of Interest and Request for Quotes templates to make it clearer for both agencies and suppliers that personal information may be withheld in a manner consistent with the Privacy Act.

Rule 48: Contract award notice


GETS user guide for agencies

We’ve recently published a new GETS user guide, which can be accessed once you’ve logged into GETS as an agency user.

The guide covers common queries about user roles and responsibilities, managing your organisation’s users, tender management and reporting.

A supplier guide will be published in the coming weeks. We’ll let you know once this is ready.

How do you access the user guide?

To access the user guide simply login to your purchasing officer or ETCO account on the GETS website.

On the top left-hand side of the page, next to the "Add RFx" button you’ll see a new button called "GETS help". Once you click on it the user guide will open in a new tab.

As the guide is only accessible after you have logged in, we don’t recommend you bookmark the page.

If you don’t remember your username or require a new password/key file, please contact the GETS team on 0508 GETS HELP (0508 438 743).

If you have any feedback on the user guide, email our Systems team.


Construction Sector Accord - NZS 3910 special conditions available

Standards New Zealand and the review committee are 10 months into the revision of NZS 3910:2013 – Conditions of contract for building and civil engineering construction, which has not been updated since 2013.

The review of NZS 3910 aims to deliver a standard industry construction contract that is fit for purpose, improves productivity and the understanding of contracts.

To provide immediate support ahead of the revised document, a new Special Conditions publication is now available in advance of the fully revised standard scheduled for publication in late 2023.

The Special Conditions are freely available on Standards New Zealand’s website and may be incorporated into Schedule 2: Special Conditions of Contract – Other Conditions of Contract on new contracts prior to the publication of the new edition of NZS 3910.

NZS 3910:2013 Recommended Special Conditions – Standards New Zealand

Read more about the progress of the full review and the latest update from the Chair of the Review Committee.

Revision of NZS 3910 project – Standards New Zealand


Agency reporting reminder

A big thanks to everyone who has completed the reporting for broader outcomes priority three and the progressive procurement policy, due on 1 October 2022.

It’s good to see that so many agencies have provided their reports by the deadline, and we really appreciate the time you take to complete these requirements.

If your agency has not yet submitted the required reporting, please make it a priority. We will follow up with agencies whose reporting we have not yet received in the coming days.

You can find more information on how to complete your reporting on our website:

Spotlight on reporting – Agency reporting for October 2022


For more information about anything in this newsletter please email the Procurement team.