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What is a good archival story to highlight on Sunday? Do you want a strong dose of important information – or a little break from the news cycle?

If you fall into the first camp, I recommend reading – or rereading – an explanation by Peter Chin-Hong of UC San Francisco of why the CDC recently changed its policy on masking for people who are fully vaccinated.

If you prefer a little rest, it just so happens that today is International Cat Day. That makes it a perfect time to revisit this article by the University of Tennessee’s Julia Albright about why cats knead with their paws – or this throwback to a time the internet was excited by how easy it is to attract cats to squares taped on the ground, as explained by Tufts University’s Nicholas Dodman.

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Emily Costello

Managing Editor

Be careful how you decline wedding invitations. Jitalia17/iStock via Getty Images

Declined invitations go over more graciously when lack of money is cited instead of lack of time – new research

Grant Donnelly, The Ohio State University; Ashley Whillans, Harvard Business School

Several studies found that using the excuse ‘I don’t have time’ when declining an invitation harmed the relationship with the person who extended it.

Giant sea bass are listed as a critically endangered species. Maru Brito

Giant sea bass are thriving in Mexican waters – scientific research that found them to be critically endangered stopped at the US-Mexico border

Arturo Ramírez-Valdez, University of California San Diego

The giant sea bass fishery collapsed long ago in the US, but that didn’t mean the species was endangered. New research shows these iconic fish have been thriving south of the border.