The offer of ‘another shrimp on the barbie’ proved to be a successful global marketing slogan for the Australian tourist board in the 1980s. A few decades later, it seems tariff-free steaks and burgers could soon be on the menu too.

A free trade agreement between the UK and Australia is widely expected to be signed next month, despite worries about how the livelihoods of British farmers might be affected by cheap imported meat. But such concerns should not derail the deal, claims an expert in international commerce, who says a smooth arrangement is important for the post-pandemic economic recovery in both countries.

This weekend millions will watch cars being driven very fast indeed around the winding streets of Monaco, in Formula 1’s most famous race. It takes more than a need for speed to compete in this spectacle, with drivers taking part in one of the most physically demanding sports on the planet. And speaking of planets, landing on Mars has never been an easy win, as this look back through various attempts clearly shows,

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Luke Salkeld

Commissioning Editor

Shutterstock/Aritra Deb

Australia–UK trade deal can help spur post-pandemic recovery

David Collins, City, University of London

The two countries both stand to benefit from closer economic ties.

Being an Formula 1 driver is harder than it looks. ALEJANDRO GARCIA/EPA

Intense training – why F1 is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports on the planet

Dan Gordon, Anglia Ruskin University

It might look easy driving a car around a track but it takes a lot of targeted training to be a good F1 driver.

IPGP/Nicolas Sarter

Landing on Mars: the historical missions that failed and the ones that made it

Osnat Katz, UCL

After the Chinese Zhurong's successful landing, we look at the previous Mars missions that have tried, and sometimes failed.

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