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  March 2023

World Hearing Day 2023
Ear and hearing care for all!

Australian Hearing Hub members organisations join the World Health Organisation's (WHO) global effort to improve ear and hearing care for all!

Hearing Australia Marrickville Centre officially opened

Hearing Australia kicked off Hearing Awareness Week on Wednesday 1 March with a special event in Sydney. The Prime Minister, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, and the Hon Bill Shorten MP, Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Minister for Government Services, officially opened the Hearing Australia Centre in Marrickville.

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Opinion: Australia needs a national approach on detecting childhood hearing loss

Professor Greg Leigh, Director of the NextSense Institute and Chair of the Australasian Newborn Hearing Screening Committee shared an opinion piece on World Hearing Day which spoke to this year’s theme of broader access to ear and hearing care.

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Survey shows high levels of untreated hearing loss

Professor Bamini Gopinath announced early results from the Australian Eye and Ear Health Survey at a Macquarie University Hearing event to mark World Hearing Day.  The interim results show a high proportion of non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal adults have suspected hearing loss and nearly half do not even know they have a hearing impairment.

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Hearing the Nation Tour

This month to celebrate World Hearing Day, Hearing Australia is hitting the road on their first ever ‘Hearing the Nation Tour’! To make it easy for more Australians to receive expert hearing care, the Hearing Australia buses are stopping in city, rural and remote locations in every state and territory providing access to free 15-minute hearing checks.

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Hearing loss: there’s a world of support

NextSense highlights the great work Sue does with CICADA – the Cochlear Implant Club and Advisory Association – and the importance of having a community of support when experiencing hearing loss as an adult.

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Have your say: Proposed guidelines for adult hearing care

The Recommendations and Good Practice Statements are now open for public consultation and feedback from International Cochlear Implant Day, 25th February 2023, until 31st May 2023.

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Award-winning publication: ‘Sometimes they’re gammin, playing tricks, but sometimes it’s ears.’

The publication explored the perspectives of urban parents and carers of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children on their journey to diagnosis of persistent ear health and hearing problems. The publication received a Highly Commended in the PHRP Journal’s Excellence Awards for 2022!

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Hearing Awareness week at The Shepherd Centre

To learn more about hearing care for children with hearing loss and some common misconceptions, we sat down with listening and spoken language therapists at The Shepherd Centre – Marina and Evelyn.

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Identifying the tipping points for hearing help seeking

A recent NAL study aimed to identify the information sources, sociodemographic characteristics, lifestyle, and clinical history that led people to a hearing assessment, as well as to identify clinical recommendations for people with normal hearing measures. The results of this study raised more questions for future NAL research on our understanding of consumer behaviour as well as how to assist people with difficulties who are assessed as being in normal hearing range.

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Factors that influence General Practitioner decision making when referring their adult patients for a hearing assessment

General Practitioners (GPs) play a key role in providing a pathway to hearing health services. NAL recently found that GPs must navigate a vast number of factors when referring their adult patients for a hearing assessment. NAL research is looking to further strengthen understanding, communication, and cooperation between audiologists and GPs. 

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Designing a diagnostic toolkit for clients with speech in noise difficulty but normal audiograms

Many people attend hearing clinics complaining of difficulty hearing in noise despite having no clinically measured hearing loss, and are currently unable to be diagnosed and treated. This project, led by Senior Research Scientist, Jessica Monaghan, used machine learning to identify a subset of five questions that could accurately identify individuals with difficulty hearing in noise with 95% accuracy.

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Cochlear Foundation announces global summit for young people with hearing loss

To celebrate World Hearing Day, Cochlear launched the final phase of a three-year partnership between Malala Fund and Cochlear Foundation to raise awareness about the barriers keeping millions of children and young people with hearing loss from accessing a quality education.

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Events and notices
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Events and seminars
To view other Australian Hearing Hub member's up and coming events please go to AHH event page.

Hub Hangout - Parents of Deaf Children

Sydney families - Come along to our Friday afternoon event the 'Hub Hangout'! Held on Fridays in March from March 10, the Hub Hangout is an opportunity for parents and kids to connect with peers while having fun.

Primary kids - 4.00pm-5:30pm
Secondary kids - 5.00pm-6:30pm

Please register your attendance via the PODC website:

Hearing Hub Junior Science Academy for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Kids

-Tuesday 4 July - Grades 1-3, Class TBC
 Wednesday 5 July - Grades 4-6, Class TBC

A day at the Australian Hearing Hub – Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf (ITOD)

Date: Friday 1 December 2023
Time: 900 – 3:00

Participate in research
We need people of all ages to take part in research projects and help contribute to better diagnosis and treatment. Take a look at some of the projects we are currently working on and if you're interested please make contact.

TLC (Talking and Listening Children) study seeking participants

We are currently recruiting children aged 4 – 5;11 years who use English as their only language. The TLC study takes place at Macquarie University over two visits, with each visit taking 60 – 90 minutes. Children will be asked to do some fun talking and listening tasks, and parents will be asked to complete a background questionnaire. Participants will receive a $30 voucher for each visit. To participate, or for more information, please contact Elise at

HALOS is looking for volunteers to participate in the survey who are:

aged 40 years +, wear a hearing device (hearing aid or cochlear implant) in at least one ear, sufficient in English to complete the survey and are able to give informed consent.
You will be reimbursed a $30 Coles-Myer gift card at the end of the study.
Contact: / 0481 863 983

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