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MAKE Newsletter

January 19, 2012

We're only a few steps into the new year and we're already up to our pocket protectors in publications, projects, products, and event planning. We think it's going to be a big year for MAKE and the maker movement. Some of our team just got back from CES, in search of makers there; we're just about to release MAKE Volume 29; we have a number of new kits in the Maker Shed, including the Tiny Wanderer robot and Supercap Racer (detailed below); and we've launched this year's Skill Builder series on Makezine.com . Oh, and mark your calendars; Maker Faire Bay Area will take place on May 19 and 20. Whew, it's been an action-packed couple of weeks. - Gareth


Condemned Trees Into Wood Bikes

Camo to Foil Facial Recognition Software

Tape Measure Notepad Hack

Mirror-Polished DeLorean

Volume 29: DIY Superhuman

The latest issue of MAKE, Volume 29, is chock-full of projects designed to extend the capabilities of your body and your senses. Auto-check your blood pressure, see your heartbeats in LEDs, play video games with electrodes, and more. Twenty-nine projects in all. See our video preview.

Behind the Curtain at CES

Last week, some of the MAKE crew, including Founder and Publisher Dale Dougherty, Maker-in-Chief Sherry Huss, and Director of Product Development Marc de Vinck, traveled to Vegas to check out the show. Read Dale's thoughtful (and less than inspired) take on it, along with the rest of our CES coverage from a maker's perpective.

Skill Builder: The Wealth of Material

Last year, we launched our Skill Builder series, designed to teach core competancies in key maker skills, from electronics and robots to traditional shopcraft. This year, we continue the series, but with a different skew, looking at the materials used in these areas of making (e.g. concerete, glass, composites, etc.). Here is this month's theme of Advanced Materials and the Skill Builder series to date.

Intern's Corner: Tiny Wander Off

In this month's Intern's Corner, those ever-curious kids at Make: Labs put together the new Tiny Wanderer robot (featured in Volume 29 and now available as a kit from the Maker Shed). They turned the bot into a regular Robo-Picasso, outfitting it with a pen and let it loose. Everything was going great until the temperamental robot artist decided to wheel backwards off of the drawing table. Let's just say he lost more than an ear. Find out more details about the kit and see the video of the carnage here.

From the Vault #1: Estes on my Mind

MAKE contributor Stefan Jones' heartfelt tribute to the 1970 Estes Catalog elicited some fond and similar reminiscences from fellow makers.

From the Vault #2: Yogurt for Geeks

As part of last year's Cooking Skills month, guest Cooking for Geeks author Jeff Potter discussed his love of the friendly bacterial bio-hack commonly known as yogurt.