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Wednesday, July 16th at 6pm

Sunset Concert Series Featuring Rider

Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association invites you to another season of outstanding music on the Sunset Concert Series stage. In its 15th year, the series brings an impressive lineup to town; a mix of Blues, Reggae, Funk, Americana, Rock and more. The free concerts are held in Sunset Plaza in Mountain Village from 6-8pm on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer.

This week's free concert features Rider.  Rider is a band that takes the crowd on a special trip with influences from the greats of the seventies rock, alternative country and jam improvisation. This band has come all this way from Fort Worth Texas to introduce their new CD "Telluride Rocks" which is a compilation of tunes inspired by Telluride.  100% of the proceeds of the sale of their “Telluride Rocks” CD benefit the Telluride Academy and local kids so we hope to see you at the show! 

For more information about Rider or to purchase the CD visit www.telluriderocks.com. For more information about Telluride Academy, visit www.tellurideacademy.org.

Please remember that a common consumption area will be in effect so please leave alcoholic beverages at home. Beverages will be available for purchase at Poachers Pub, Hotel Madeline and Siam Talay.