Well, it took a few days, but we got a result. Shortly before 11:30 a.m. EST on Saturday, the Associated Press called the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden. That kick-started celebrations across the U.S. among his supporters, but was greeted far less favorably by millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

Although the winner is still not official, new leadership in the White House means a reversal of policies – both domestic and international – that have come to form what we now know as Trumpism. We spoke to three experts about what a Biden presidency means for the future of the United States in three key areas: race and policing, foreign affairs and the Supreme Court.

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Matt Williams

Religion & Ethics Editor

Time to embrace a new White House agenda? Jonathan Newton /The Washington Post via Getty Images

Biden wins – experts on what it means for race relations, US foreign policy and the Supreme Court

Brian J Purnell, Bowdoin College; Morgan Marietta, University of Massachusetts Lowell; Neta C. Crawford, Boston University

Scholars of race, foreign policy and the Supreme Courts give their informed predictions of what to expect under a Biden administration

People in Philadelphia celebrate the election being called for Biden. AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

Why Republicans and others concerned about the economy have reason to celebrate Biden in the White House

William Chittenden, Texas State University

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