South Africa is once again entering an era of cooperation in governance – the result of the African National Congress (ANC) party failing to win a majority of seats in parliament. Instead of a coalition government, the ANC has opted for a much broader government of national unity. Joleen Steyn Kotze names the five parties that should be part of a unity government and compares what they stand for.

Issues surrounding migration were a top concern for voters in the European Union (EU) election. Parties that promised to clamp down on migration made key gains. For almost a decade, the EU and several of its member states have tried to stop the massive influx of migrants from Africa. Chris Changwe Nshimbi and Inocent Moyo reveal some of the newer strategies that European countries are using, from drones and artificial intelligence to the export of asylum seekers for processing.

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Thabo Leshilo

Politics + Society

South Africa’s unity government: 5 parties that need to find common ground

Joleen Steyn Kotze, University of the Free State

Political parties must show ideological flexibility to foster stability and drive South Africa towards prosperity through creative policy solutions.

EU migration policy is getting tougher: the 3 new tactics used to keep African migrants out

Chris Changwe Nshimbi, University of Pretoria; Inocent Moyo, University of Zululand

New tech tools are more intrusive and subtler than physical barriers. They invade migrants’ privacy and are a threat to personal security.

African countries could unlock billions in local and global trade – what’s working and what’s not

Bedassa Tadesse, University of Minnesota Duluth

African countries require efficient infrastructure networks to boost trade within the region and with the rest of the world.

Bicycles can change lives, especially in rural Africa – new report looks at their use in Ghana and Malawi

Daniel Frey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The study looked at who used a household bicycle, who didn’t, and why.

Female giraffes drove the evolution of long giraffe necks in order to feed on the most nutritious leaves, new research suggests

Douglas R. Cavener, Penn State

Giraffe necks are a hot topic among biologists. A new study contradicts an older theory that says male giraffes need long necks to fight over mates.

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