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Charles E. Hummel once said, “Your greatest danger is letting the urgent things crowd out the important.” Schools are busy places where urgent matters can easily overshadow important ones. One important matter that must not be overlooked is emergency preparedness. Although emergency planning is widely acknowledged as necessary, it usually only becomes a priority when a crisis, such as an earthquake or pandemic, occurs. At this point, planning and preparation are no longer optional. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize maintaining and improving emergency plans to ensure readiness when needed.

Creating a plan for an emergency may seem straightforward. Still, it depends on several factors, including its relevance, comprehensibility to all involved parties, regular practice, and ongoing assessment of its effectiveness. Each year, the School rehearses emergencies requiring evacuation (fire, gas leak or earthquake) and those requiring containment (lockdown, hold and secure or shelter-in-place). We interrupt our daily routine at least eleven times yearly to walk everyone through an emergency response procedure. This year, we added a ‘table-top’ exercise for the school leaders. Led by consultants in the emergency response field, we examined our response to an earthquake. We were able to shake out elements of our plan that require our attention, and this is where parents and guardians come in.

The School is aware that the effectiveness of our response to any emergency hinges on parents and guardians being knowledgeable of what is happening on campus and their role in the plan. Soon, you will receive an updated Parent-Student Handbook. Current procedures for emergency procedures are outlined in this document, and I urge you to review them. Following our tabletop exercise, we are considering other ways to illustrate our emergency responses - a resource that helps everyone visualize what may happen and what to do. You can look forward to new resources in the future.

There are two essential elements for all plans, accurate and complete contact information for parents and guardians and the contact list of several other people you trust to pick up your child in an emergency. If you could not get to the school for any reason, who would you allow to take your child home? What if this person was not available? In addition to reviewing our emergency procedures, your attention to these areas of your daughter’s profile is worth consideration when you update your daughter’s information.

The Board and school leadership consider emergency planning both important and urgent. The students and staff demonstrate that they know what to do and treat opportunities to rehearse seriously and responsibly. We will always make time for this essential element of school operations. Thank you for doing your part to ensure you can be reached and that you have arranged for alternative emergency contacts and pick-up.

AI and Education: Navigating a Rapidly Growing Field

As AI technology continues to evolve, CHS teachers are learning how to incorporate it into student learning. This article discusses how teachers are exploring different AI tools and learning how to evaluate their accuracy and appropriateness for deeper learning.

Regulate, Relate, Reason: Helping Your Child Through Difficult Emotions

Learn more about the nervous system, the body’s response to stressors and how to support your child through anxiety and other difficult emotions in this article by the CHS Senior School Personal Counsellors. See supplementary slides from the parent morning.

Reminder: CHS Parents’ Auxiliary (PA) Annual General Meeting

All parents are invited to attend the PA’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday, May 11 at 8:30 am in the Bains Family Amphitheatre at Crofton House School. To attend the meeting, RSVP by Monday, May 8.

Become a Class Parent for Next Year!

Becoming a Class Parent is a great way to get involved at the school and make new friends while putting your stamp on the events that are organized for your grade. Class Parents work as a team, so the time commitment for this important role is light, and obligations are spread throughout the school year. If you are interested in becoming a Class Parent, please complete the registration form by May 19, 2023. Please note: in grades with more volunteers than spots available, the PA uses a set of standardized guidelines to create a fair selection process for all parents who wish to contribute to our community in this way.

Walk in the Woods

Parents and guardians are invited to tour The Woods with Head Gardener Marc Stewart to learn about the reforestation and preservation efforts. Marc has been part of the CHS community for more than 20 years, taking care of all green spaces with his team. In the last few months ten new trees have been planted, and test plots have been installed to help remove invasive species and reintroduce native plants and wildlife. These changes are helping to ensure that The Woods remains a magical place for future generations of Crofton alumnae. In Marc’s words, “The Woods is its own classroom, and its continued existence is key to the education of Crofton House students.” Tours will take place Thursdays in May on the 11th, 18th, and 25th. Register to attend. If you have questions, please contact

Board of Governors – Targeted Appeal: Technology Experience

The Nominating and Governance Committee (NGC) is responsible for the recruitment and identification of candidates for the Crofton House School Board and Board committees. Given the increasing importance of technology and the associated pace of change, we are currently searching for an interested individual with technology experience to contribute to CHS governance. Specifically, we are keen to add expertise in one or more areas: digital strategy development, AI, technology-enabled learning, cybersecurity, and the transition to a digital society and economy. Learn more or complete the online form by June 1, 2023.

Get Involved: Staff Appreciation 2023

The PA’s annual Staff Appreciation event will be held on Thursday, May 18 in the Old Residence. Returning to its traditional format, a bountiful sit-down luncheon provided and served by parents and guardians. It's a chance for families to come together as a community and show gratitude for the amazing staff and teachers at Crofton House! Sign up to bring a dish or make a donation. This event requires many helping hands! Sign up to volunteer your time set up, serve, or wrap up.

25th Annual CHS Golf Classic

This year, any foursome that dresses up in costume will be eligible for pre-registration for next year’s tournament. Get creative for a chance to win Best Dressed! Check out some of our favourite looks from previous years.

Should you have any questions, please contact Liam McGillivray, Advancement Coordinator, at

Indigenous-Focused Graduation Requirement Parent Brochure

As part of the Province of British Columbia’s commitment to truth, reconciliation, and anti-racism, the Ministry of Education and Child Care is implementing a mandatory Indigenous-focused graduation requirement for all students. Any student graduating in the 2023-2024 school year, and in all subsequent years, will meet this new requirement. The School is ready for this change.

To assist parents/guardians, the Ministry of Education and Child Care has created a parent brochure to support conversations regarding the new Indigenous-focused graduation requirement. This brochure has been translated into six additional languages: French, Farsi, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Tagalog.

Did You Know?

Sports at Crofton House has seen many changes that have led to the robust athletics program we have today. In 1915, our first Sports Day was held at Brockton Oval in Stanley Park and looked a little different than today’s Junior and Senior School sports days. Students used to compete between grades until the House System was introduced in 1937. As the number of Crofties grew, the School established new Houses in the 1960s, introducing Fraser and MacDougall. Fun fact: The House shields were originally designed by students.

It might come as no surprise that basketball is the first and oldest official team sport, with some team photos dating back to 1906. Other favourite sports at the School included badminton and horseback riding. Two of today’s favourite sports, volleyball and field hockey date from the late 1950s, while activities like archery and softball came and went.

Originally introduced in 1910, the ‘Drill’ uniform as it was known, was worn for sports and gym drills. In 1923, this blue tunic and white blouse combo experienced a sharp transition in purpose. It retired from sports to become the new school uniform.

When the School moved to Kerrisdale it provided the opportunity to develop indoor and outdoor sports facilities for students. In 1948, Farrell Hall was constructed with a gymnasium. Another milestone was creating the outdoor playing field which opened on Sports Day in 1959. In 2000, this field underwent a major transformation with the installation of turf becoming the Kent Field of today.

Check out some of the images of sports through the decades at CHS!

Congratulations to the newly elected Senior School Student Executive for the 2023-2024 school year! We can't wait to see the ideas and energy you bring to representing the student voice across campus next year. Also, thank you to our current Student Executive for providing such a warm welcome during Assembly last week.

Paddlesports, bushcraft, campfires, forest hikes and… frisbees? You could say that the recent Grade 10 OE trip to Camp Fircom had a bit of everything. Even the sun made a welcome appearance!

Despite some soggy conditions, Grade 4 students had a wild time at Camp Elphinstone, learning about woodland and water environments, the importance of protecting wild habitats and experiencing their first school camp away from home.

The theatre in the Beedie Fine Arts Centre was full of music, singing and applause this week as Grade 6 and 7 students entertained audiences with fantastic performances of Disney’s Moana Jr. Check out the gallery on Vidigami.

Entrepreneurship 12 students welcomed a very special guest recently, award-winning hair stylist and business owner, Suki Takagi. Suki spoke about her journey of establishing her first salon, growing it to the successful business empire it is today and some of the important qualities for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Last Friday was Grandparents' Day at CHS. Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 students were delighted to welcome family members on campus for a special afternoon of celebration and appreciation. View the highlights on Vidigami.

Junior School students hosted a thrifting fashion show in the courtyard as part of their Earth Week activities. Showing off a selection of thrifted, borrowed, and up-cycled looks, the students demonstrated some wonderful creativity and plenty of enthusiasm.

“Where for art thou Romeo?” Did you check the Senior School foyer? Students in English 8 were recently found reenacting the famous balcony scene from one of Shakespeare’s most well-known works.

Grade 2 had an amazing day at Kitsilano Beach with the Ocean Ambassador program. Not only did they learn all about the different creatures that can be found in the sea and tidal pools, but they also learned about the importance of keeping that habitat clean.

As part of their Project Based Learning program, Grade 5 students engaged in a virtual session with film-maker Layla Staats (Mohawk, Turtle Clan from the Six Nations of the Grand River), who has been documenting the far-reaching impacts of boil water advisories on indigenous groups all across North America.

As a way to brainstorm their immersive theatre project (which will take place in the forest in June), the Drama 11/12 class brought the forest indoors for their daily check-in. Students shared stories about their day while listening to ambient sounds of the outdoors - all while sitting around the warm glow of the 'campfire'.

Students from Art Studio 11, 12 and AP2D came together to put on an assembly unlike anything seen in Manrell Hall for some time. Students created unique and striking works of art using randomly generated prompts in categories of elements, principles and chance. This was a way for students to apply their understanding of the elements of art, principles of design, and application of colour theory; they will continue to refine the pieces before making them available as part of the Charity Art Auction in June.

Grade 8 students have been using their Careers Studies classes to research volunteer opportunities around the city, designing eye-catching posters and generating an amazing gallery wall of volunteer roles.

Grade 1 students recently had the chance to experience the softest stone in the world, soapstone, as they learned how to carve, shape and polish their very own heart sculptures.

Grade 3 students have been busy exploring a world of geometric shapes with their iPads, discovering how to arrange them to make different everyday objects, from animals to household furniture.

Junior School Athletics

The Junior School Track and Field team had their first meet of the season on April 21 and 22 at Mercer Stadium in New Westminster. Athletes in Grades 3-7 had the opportunity to compete in various events, with the highlight being relays! Along with many individual accolades, Crofton House team was the overall meet winners! Congratulations to all participating athletes.

They had a few days to rest, recover, and refine their technique before travelling to UBC for the Vancouver Elementary School Meet on Wednesday, April 26, with 95 young falcons who participated in the meet, showing determination, sportsmanship, and team spirit! The focus now shifts to the ISEA meet hosted on May 15 at South Surrey Athletic Park.

Senior School Athletics

Over the past few weeks our teams represented CHS at the ISA Championships.

Senior II Soccer came back with the ISA Silver. The team has had two great games this week, bringing home wins with penalty kicks, and is moving on to the League Playoffs.

The Varsity Soccer team placed 4th at the Tier I ISA. They placed second in league play and are moving on to compete at the Sea to Sky Zone Championships!

Senior Badminton defended their ISA title and brought home the Gold Medal. They are now working towards the league championships next week. Meanwhile, the Tennis team finished at the top of their league, and are now preparing for zones next week.

The Track and Field team are continuing to put the time in at practices translating to fantastic performances at the track and field meets. Our top competitors will be representing Crofton House School at the Lower Mainland League Championships next week at UBC.

The Rowing team is getting closer to their first ever Regatta on May 27-28 in Richmond.

Thank you to our teachers and coaches for supporting our athletes daily! Together we are stronger.

Go Falcons Go!

Courage, Creativity, Citizenship

Grandparents’ Day Thank You

The warm embrace of the CHS community was felt by those who attended our Grandparents’ Day on Friday, April 28. Manrell Hall was filled with decorations, treats, and over 400 grandparents and significant elders at the first in-person event since 2019.

Parents’ Auxiliary volunteers worked together to host Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 grandparents and significant elders for tea, pastries and photos. Students entertained with songs, poems and videos and recognition to Grade 4 students who also pitched in to serve the delectables. Sincere thank you to all involved in making this event a success, with special thanks to Event Co-Chairs Rachel Leihl and Tina Hou.

Log into the My CHS portal to access the full school calendar.

Whole School

May 18 - Staff Appreciation from the CHS Parents’ Auxiliary
May 22 - Victoria Day (no classes)
May 26 - CHS Golf Tournament
May 29 - Backpack Drive
June 9 - Year End BBQ

Junior School

May 10 - ECE Spring Concert
May 12 - Grade 7 Coffee & Conversation
May 12 - Grade 7 Social (Evening)
May 15-19 - JS Pride Week
May 16 & 17 - Grade 1-3 Spring Concert
May 19 - Grade 5-6 Coffee & Conversation
May 31 - Grade 6-7 Spring Concert
May 31 - June 1 - Grade 3 OE Cheakamus Centre
June 2 - ECE Sports Day in Chan Hall
June 2 - Junior School Sports Day on Kent Field

Senior School

May 10 - Grade 9 Take Your Kid to Work Day
May 18-19 - VISTA One-Act Plays
May 18-19 - House Plays
May 23-26 - Grade 12 Capstone Presentations
May 23-26 - Spring Spirit Week
May 24 - Senior School Spring Concert
May 26 - Senior School Sports Day on Kent Field
May 29-21 - Grade 12 OE Rafting Excursion


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