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People worry about artificial intelligence replacing human workers – from truck drivers to middle managers. But there’s another type of replacement that also bears watching: AIs replacing aspects of being human, like composing music or writing an essay.

USC psychologist Joe Árvai puts another aspect of the human experience in the spotlight: the ability to make thoughtful decisions. Árvai spells out what’s involved in thoughtful decisions and how AI undermines the process. And, like it or not, he writes, many of us have already received advice from AIs without being aware of it.

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Eric Smalley

Science + Technology Editor

In the movie ‘WALL-E ,’ the technology-coddled humans of the future weren’t doing so well. Courtesy Pixar

The hidden risk of letting AI decide – losing the skills to choose for ourselves

Joe Árvai, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

AI has the potential to diminish the human experience in several ways. One particularly concerning threat is to the ability to make thoughtful decisions.

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