If you’re carrying some bitcoin in your virtual wallet, you probably already know this, but 2024 has been a pretty good year for cryptocurrencies. The value of the market has now soared to US$2.6 trillion, three times what it was worth at the start of 2023.

Financial technology expert Andrew Urquhart explains that this is partly thanks to U.S. regulators, who recently approved a new trading vehicle that makes it easier for mainstream investors to get involved.

And while predicting prices in such a volatile market is notoriously difficult, there are other factors at play that have led analysts to expect crypto will reach even greater heights in the months ahead.

Steven Vass

Business + Economy Editor, The Conversation U.K.

With bitcoin hitting new highs, it’ll likely reach the US$100,000 milestone before 2024 is out

Andrew Urquhart, University of Reading

Often dismissed as a libertarian ponzi scheme, why has crypto bounced back yet again?

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