As regular readers of this newsletter know, The Conversation is a global network. The concept and first edition of The Conversation began in Australia in 2011. Since then, editions have been born in the U.K., France, Africa, the U.S., Indonesia, Spain and Canada, where I work. Once a year, members of each edition meet in person to discuss a number of ways we can work better to achieve our common mission: Sharing knowledge to inform decisions. Last week, we all met in London.

On Thursday night, after the meetings and whiteboards and PowerPoint presentations were done, we gathered at the Mall Galleries near Trafalgar Square to mark the 10th anniversary of The Conversation’s establishment in the UK. More than 100 people came together to honour the great work done by the British team over the last year. Stephen Khan, founding editor of The Conversation in the UK and now Executive Editor of The Conversation International, spoke about the joys and anxiety of launching the British edition. Current UK Editor Jo Adetunji inspired all of us with a speech about our unique model that combines the best of academia and journalism.

Another great thing about being part of this global network is that we share knowledge and expertise with each other. The UK team helped us when we launched in Canada and has provided advice on non-editorial matters as well, such as when we ran our first donation campaign last year.

I’m now back in Canada, but still basking in the warmth of a great week spent with smart and committed colleagues from The Conversation global network and looking forward to seeing those efforts produce more of the type of content you can read and listen to below.

Scott White

CEO and Editor, The Conversation Canada


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Roger Sturmey, University of Hull

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