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December 2018




Cinnamon, sugar, orange slices and red wine: that's our recipe after sending this newsletter. Happy Christmas time to you! See you on the other side of 2018.

Problem Solving Desperately Needs Systems Thinking

SustainabilityProblem Solving Desperately Needs Systems Thinking

If we want to overcome the systemic issues behind today’s problems, then we need to change the thinking that led to them to begin with.

Ballinger, a new font by Signal Foundry

TypographyBallinger, a new font by Signal Foundry

A fully featured 8-weight family. There is also a mono version of the font.

The State of UX  in 2019

ReportThe State of UX in 2019

UX Collective delivers its annual report: a must read.



BOOOK.LAND is a space for collaborative storytelling. Participants continue the story using only the last few paragraphs for reference…



An Instagram and a study of form language in logo design. Books are published as an extension of the conversation happening there.


December 2018

This month we like

Krzysztof Domaradzki

IllustrationKrzysztof Domaradzki

Have a look at Krzysztof's work. Krzysztof is an artist, graphic designer and illustrator from Poland.

Finding the narrative in Numbers

MetricsFinding the narrative in Numbers

Maggie Appleton's sketchnotes from UX London 2018. We like a lot the one for Kate Rutter's talk.

au poste

MovieAu Poste

The new Quentin Dupieux movie, clever and absurd.


ArtistZach Lieberman

A mix between art and code (at MuDA this february).

The long reach

GameThe Long Reach

Loose your mind (and time) in this pixelated scary game, where the game design beautifully simple and smooth.

Ladi6 – Beffy

AnimationLadi6 – Beffy

Enjoy this "geometric" music video animated by Parallel Teeth.



Minimal the world is.



Experience the internet through the eyes of extreme users thanks to this awesome Chrome extension.


Quote of the month

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Thomas Edinson