After a few months of respite, cynics in South Africa are predicting that planned power cuts will resume now that the elections are over. Scheduled blackouts - called load shedding - started 15 years ago. But 2023 was the worst year so far. The economic impact has been severe. Haroon Bhorat and Timothy Köhler analysed the effects on the labour market. They found that power outages have had negative effects on employment, as well as working hours and monthly earnings. The biggest impact, however, has been on jobs.

Ghana’s Supreme Court has given the go ahead for the broadcasting of a case involving a controversial anti LGBTQI+ bill. Godfried Asante argues that the live broadcast decision is a double-edged sword. While it will help promote transparency in the judicial system, it also risks making the climate even more hostile for queer Ghanaians.

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Caroline Southey

Founding Editor

Power cuts have hit South Africa’s labour market hard: the biggest toll has been on jobs – new research

Haroon Bhorat, University of Cape Town; Timothy Köhler

Power outages in South Africa pose a threat to employment.

Ghana’s anti-LGBTIQ+ bill is being challenged in the supreme court. Why the decision to broadcast it live matters

Godfried Asante, San Diego State University

Ghana’s supreme court will rule whether the anti-LGBTQI+ bill is constitutional. The proceedings are being broadcast live on television, a rarity. .

Tanzania’s dams: flood risk depends on how they’re planned and operated

Barnaby Joseph Dye, University of York

Recent flooding in Tanzania prompted debate about the role of a new megadam. This matters as climate change models predict flooding could increase.

Iran’s intervention in Sudan’s civil war advances its geopolitical goals − but not without risks

Eric Lob, Florida International University

Tehran is supplying weapons to the Sudanese Armed Forces as they fight a paramilitary group for control of the nation.

Haiti: first Kenyan police arrive to help tackle gang violence – but the prospects for success are slim

Amalendu Misra, Lancaster University

There is a long, and often ugly, history of foreign intervention in Haiti.


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