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October 2019


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While cooking fresh pumpkin soup, we also curated some spicy and groovy design content, just for you… Bon appétit!

UI cheat sheet: text fields

UsabilityUI cheat sheet: text fields

All that you have to know about text fields! In case you need to learn it or just to see if you forgot some elements along the way.

User Experience

PeopleWhy You Should Invest in Real Friendships at Work

People with friends at work find their jobs more satisfying, and are less affected by stress.

Wait Wait... Tell me!

PodcastWait Wait... Tell me!

Waiting is something that we all do every day, but our experience of waiting varies radically depending on the context. 32 minutes and 38 seconds worth listening to… While waiting on the train for instance ;)



Awa Caba and Giorgia Lupi are the first two speakers announced at Interaction20 that takes place in Milan. Join us in February 2020!

Didier Guzzoni, the Swiss inventor of Siri

InterviewDidier Guzzoni, the Swiss inventor of Siri

The man behind Siri, the Apple voice assistant used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

5 UX Tips to Master Mobile App Onboarding

Mobile5 UX Tips to Master Mobile App Onboarding

Hand-picked tips to improve your app’s first impression!

Can I email?

ToolCan I email?

We design quite a lot of newsletters (including this one). This list helps us navigate through (sometimes) complicated world of HTML and CSS for newsletters :P

Resource Cards

LinksResource cards

Another (useful) list of resources for designers. Maybe you'll find some help for your next project…


October 2019

This month we like

Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.

WritingHemingway App makes your writing bold and clear

The app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors. Helping you write more clear texts. Tested and approved as we work on content for design systems and styleguides.

Nicely Done is a curation of the nicest digital products.

RepositoryNicely Done, products & pattern designs inspiration

Nicely Done is a curation of the nicest digital products. We sometimes dig the pattern section for benchmarking purposes.

New identity for Twitch, the leading live streaming platform.

BrandingNew identity for Twitch, the leading live streaming platform.

"When you become a household name for a community, you have two options: add more seats to the table or close the doors." — read the case study by Collins agency.

Humaaans - Free illustration library

IllustrationsHumaaans - Free illustration library

You can mix & match illustrations of people with this design library. Very useful for educational work, illustration placeholder in mockups or presentation slides. It's like playing with paper dolls.

Let's do our part for the oceans!

StorytellingLet's do our part for the oceans!

Dopper's mission is to empower people to choose reusable over single use plastic water bottle to protect our world's water sources.



This Instagram account publishes UI work with visual design details, such as colours and typography. Anna in the team is a fan: she can learn a lot and stay visually sharp.

Viita introduces : Race

Product WebsiteViita introduces : Race

It's hard to look fresh when you launch a smart watch… After Apple! It's a success for Viita with this product website.

Bond, Creative Agency

AgencyBond, Creative Agency

Yes they have pink in their corporate colours… That's not the only reason why we love their work! #Transitions #Animations


Quote of the month

"Always over-communicate your project requirements, business goals, work process, product vision, and so on."

Eugen Eşanu