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MAKE Newsletter

November 27, 2012

And the tips keep coming! Here are some of our recent favorites. Please continue to send us your useful tips, as well as short reviews of tools you can't live without, to tips@makezine.com. Let's pool our collective wisdom! You can view all of our Special Edition tools and tips newsletters — and all of our Make: Newsletter back issues — here.

--Gareth Branwyn


Need to get pine sap off of your clothes/hands/ tools? Use hand sanitizer! It works like a charm. [Image: pfly]

Cord Protector

Are your pets gnawing on your laptop's power cable? Put a stop to the destruction by armoring it in electrician's split-loom cable. [Sean Ragan]

Table Saw on the Fly

Lacking a proper table saw, you can improv one with a straightedge and some clamps.

Where's My Car?

For city-dwellers who park in a different place each time they return home, a simple way to remember where the car is parked: a magnetic key-holding arrow for marking a street map on your fridge. [bobg]

A Braze of Glory

Welding isn't the only way of joining metal; sometimes brazing (using a handheld gas torch and a brazing alloy) will do the job just as well. [Andrew Lewis]

Foam is Your Friend

When prototyping perfboard layouts, long component leads can be a pain, sticking out on the underside of the board. I don't want to cut them off yet, because I might need long leads. Solution? Green florist foam. The leads stick into the foam, which holds them securely enough that you can turn the board over and nothing will fall out. But they're also easy to pull out and rearrange as needed. [Sean Ragan]