United Intercession

This week two of our members have urgently requested our prayer and because of the urgency we are sending out the special prayer focus.

We need to intercede on behalf of two countries:
1) Ukraine
2) Central African Republic


Thanks to (GGN) for his call to prayer – below are extracts from his e-mail:

Winter 2014 for Ukraine became the most tragic in its history for national development. For more than three months there is a very aggressive confrontation between people and government special police forces. Demonstration lost its peaceful character after people were killed and 19th of February became a horrible day, marked by close to 900 hundred injured people with 77 who were killed because of gunshot wounds. Prayer is much needed for families of those who lost their loved ones. May the Lord protect their hearts, mind and soul from hatred and aggressive decisions.

There are very large regional differences in pro-European and pro-Russian support. A new generation has grown up in independent Ukraine, which seeks a new way of living. Unfortunately, many nations fought a civil war over differences of opinion on economic and moral issues that threatened to tear their country asunder. Much prayer is needed to protect Ukraine as a nation from division and war – for a better future of the country, free from domination of corruption and dictatorship.

God has blessed Ukraine with a heritage of strong Christian influence on all areas of people’s lives. The last 22 years of independence gave birth to a strong church planting movement, missionary movement, nations without orphans movement and reaching the elderly. A younger generation of leaders, covered by the support of their spiritual fathers, became very active in godly transformation of Ukraine. We desperately don’t want to see division between pastors and other leaders based on their active or passive participation in political reforms. Spirit of humility and patience is much needed.

Please pray for the unity of His Body in the nation as well as in Eurasian region.

Prayer is a privilege and responsibility of the whole Church. Ukraine needed to be covered by the intersession of fasting and prayer. Based on The Scripture, our Saviour will teach us how to pray (Luke 11:1).

Central African Republic

Pastor Clotaire Rodonne Siribi with Groupe d'Action de Paix et de Formation pour la Transformation(GAPAFOT), and Féderation des Eglises Evangéliques des Frères(FEEF) – members of Micah Network, has asked for us to hold CAR in our prayers and to be open to helping with the massive aid response needed in CAR.

He says that more than 10,000 have now been killed, with 600,000 refugees and a further 1 million internally displaced people affected.

The enormity of this situation in comparison to the aid response is a major concern.

Let us join with him and all in CAR as we ask God to call people to action and response, to pray for peace and a way ahead for this broken and hurting nation.

Please do send your words of encouragement and responses to Pastor Clotaire:

Set Time Aside

Please set time aside each day this week to lift our voices together before God.