Fifty years ago, coronaviruses were discovered in dogs. There have been no reports of these “alphacoronaviruses” spreading to humans – until now. Scientists recently discovered a handful of patients in Malaysia, who were hospitalised with pneumonia, were infected with a canine coronavirus called CCoV-HuPn-2018.

This discovery generated a few scary headlines, but Sarah Caddy, a clinical research fellow in viral immunology, says there’s nothing to worry about – here’s why.

We also have an on-the-ground report from Jerusalem where Adel Ruished has been interviewing locals, trying to understand how the Israeli government is attempting to regulate the Palestinian population in the city, and watching young people there mount peaceful protests.

On a lighter note, we look at the recent Friends reunion and how the scriptwriters of the sitcom undercut the conventions of conversation to generate laughs.

Clint Witchalls

Health + Medicine Editor

Relax, humans! I’m not going to start the next pandemic. Firn/Shutterstock

‘Dog coronavirus found in humans’ – why you shouldn’t worry

Sarah L Caddy, University of Cambridge

The risk of coronaviruses jumping species is low, but if you look for it, you will find it.

Traditional Ramadan meeting place: Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, after police removed barriers. Ade Ruished

Jerusalem: eyewitness account from a divided city

Adel Ruished, Lancaster University

Watching young Palestinian activists, I was impressed at how they kept their cool under pressure.


Friends: making audiences laugh by embracing the unexpected in conversation

Elizabeth Stokoe, Loughborough University

Friends has made audiences laugh by breaching what we expect to happen when people speak.

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