Scientists at Cern’s Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland have spent ten years searching for clues that could help fill the blanks in our understanding of how the universe works. Though they’ve yet to find conclusive evidence for a new model of physics that goes beyond the four forces of nature we know about so far, the latest results are tantalising, as the researchers behind them explain for us here.

The results add support to the idea there may be a fifth force working alongside gravity, electromagnetism and the weak and strong nuclear forces. It’s not yet enough for physicists to start rewriting the textbooks. But it could be the start of a new path to solving some of the deepest mysteries facing modern science – from dark matter to how the big bang unfolded.

Plus, as the UK government announces its plan to get the country to net zero, we hear how to make the action needed to cut carbon emissions not just effective but also popular. And why dull politicians can still win elections by fulfilling the role of the “anti-celebrity”.

Miriam Frankel

Science Editor

There’s more going on in the universe than we know. Zolt Levay/Flickr

New physics: latest results from Cern further boost tantalising evidence

Harry Cliff, University of Cambridge

Particle physicists might be on the brink of a major breakthrough.


How to make climate action popular

James Patterson, Utrecht University; Marie Claire Brisbois, University of Sussex

What research shows is important to win support for bold decarbonisation measures.

Peter Nicholls / EPA-EFE

The antidote to Trump: how ‘anti-celebrity’ politicians can still thrive in a world driven by stardom

Betto van Waarden, Lund University

Anti-celebrity politicians succeed by styling themselves as authentic alternatives to more showy statesmen.

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