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January 2020




New year, same motivation! We have so many ideas under the hood.

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Dark Isn’t Just a Mode

AppDark Isn’t Just a Mode

For many UX designers, dark mode is a new thing because operating systems are now supporting it.

The Rule that Everyone Breaks

UX DesignThe Rule that Everyone Breaks

There is one principle of organization that every human should adhere to, particularly people who design products : Miller’s Law

Ethical Maturity in User Research

EthicEthical Maturity in User Research

How ethically mature are your user-research practices? Assess your current state of ethical maturity by answering these simple questions.

Creating a brand in a million easy steps

TalkCreating a brand in a million easy steps

Haraldur Thorleifsson talks about how brands use storytelling, and shares the 5 core values of digital design agency ueno at Awwwards Conference San Francisco.

Now Try Something Weirder

ReadingNow Try Something Weirder

With 233 (to be exact) hints, tips and pieces of advice, Now Try Something Weirder shows those in the creative industry how to have great ideas (every day).


January 2020

This month we like

Klim Type release Söhne

TypographyKlim Type release Söhne

Söhne is the memory of Akzidenz-Grotesk framed through the reality of Helvetica.

User Experience

Website OpenStreetMap Haiku

Poetry meets dataviz


Graphic UNO : Minimalist version

Designer Warleson Oliveira has created a concept design for card game UNO, and its beautiful simplicity is proving very popular on social media.

The lives of 50 fashion legends

Book The lives of 50 fashion legends

This visual book walks you through the stories of the world's greatest designers, across the decades. 

Carmi Grau

Illustration Carmi Grau

Carmi Grau is an illustrator based in Berlin. Inspired by the beauty of nature she creates bold visuals by using her own vocabulary of colors and shapes.


404 Creative page designs you won't mind getting lost in

It happens to the best of us—we’re browsing a website when all of a sudden, we hit an error.


Quote of the month

"While meetings are a way to share or exchange information among team members, workshops are a method to solve a problem, develop a plan, or reach a decision."


Kate Kaplan