Deceptively edited videos have become a dangerous feature of today’s political landscape. Just about anyone with commercially available video editing tools can make public figures appear drunk or befuddled. The tactic is being used to reinforce the false notion that Democratic nominee Joe Biden is in cognitive decline. The manipulated videos might not shake the faith of many Biden supporters, but they could keep the falsehoods in circulation and force the Biden campaign to respond to the manufactured controversy.

Can civil society stay ahead of these “cheapfakes” and the more sophisticated “deepfakes” looming on the horizon? Michigan State communications scholar Dustin Carnahan writes that a shared sense of reality, already seriously eroded by social media-fueled political divisions, hangs in the balance.

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Eric Smalley

Science and Technology Editor

Joe Biden faces a disinformation campaign promulgating the false notion that he is in cognitive decline. Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Faked videos shore up false beliefs about Biden’s mental health

Dustin Carnahan, Michigan State University

It's easy to edit video of public figures to make them appear asleep, confused, drunk or cognitively impaired when they are not. The technique is being used to undermine Joe Biden's campaign.

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