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Indian summer

Hurrah, our India treks and trek-climbs are ready for booking, and up top that is Esther jumping for joy. Go ahead and choose!


And if you haven't trekked in India yet, what are you waiting for? It is a real delight and quite different from Nepal. The summer really is warm and the sublime panoramas have to be seen to be believed. Our treks and trek-climbs really are special and adventurous, taking you to those otherwise too far away and difficult to get to places. Nobody runs treks there with quite the same quality and dedication.

India visa on arrival!

At last India has a visa on arrival service that might save hassle. There are a few beauracratic catches, this is India after all, and Brits are NOT eligible, however Americans, Kiwis and Aussies are, and a few others. The key is you have to APPLY ONLINE AT LEAST 4 DAYS ahead though. See our updated page for more details: India visa info

Also see our tricks on flying to India and getting to Leh.

New Leh hotel

After trialing last year, we are now using the wonderful Hotel Omasila in Changspa, one of the few places that has a garden as practical as our old Hotel Shaynam. The Omasila is a real step up in luxury though, with comfortable mattresses and good bathrooms, but still quiet and peaceful gardens with a wonderful Stok Kangri panorama.

Starting and finishing our treks here will be a real joy. We also have the similarly peaceful and luxurious Sangto Villa as a backup.

Kim in the USA

I’m enjoying my bi-yearly winter travels around the US, with the first stop in snowy Maine to stay with my wonderful parents. Small hills with coastal views are and atmospheric cafes and restaurants are the highlights. Next to visit the rest of the clan! The route is New York city for some shopping and culture, Connecticut to visit old friends, Steamboat Springs, Colorado for some real mountains and a soak in the renown Strawberry Hot Springs amongst the aspen groves, and finally on to San Francisco for some west coast beach walks.

We’ve been working on an epic Lhasa to Kathmandu bike ride (Tibet to Nepal). Email if interested in more details in this great ride!

And of course, my spring and fall Nepal trips are ready to book.


Jamie: Aconcagua soon

I am flying to the wonderful city of Mendoza soon, for delicious ice cream, steak and malbec. Oh, and to climb Aconcagua; I almost forgot!

After that I head back to Nepal for Everest from Tibet with teams also for North Col and Everest ABC, and there are of course places available, All trips are confirmed.


Wacky Wakhan

Sharp eyes might have noticed a new destination, Ade Summer's Wakhan Great Game adventure. The Wakhan corridor is a historical quirk that means it is far removed from the Afghan troubles. Who is game?

Mentok II album

And finishing our India-themed newletter, a photo album.

Last summer we climbed Mentok II instead of Lunger Kangri ( closed due to Chinese incursions). It was a really fun trip and gloriously scenic, enjoy the photos on Flickr or Google Plus; and do fav or +1 them!