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The Federal Reserve raised interest rates again on Wednesday to try to tamp down inflation – and hinted that it might be done with increases for a while. You’ve probably read about the impact those rate increases are having on banks like First Republic and Silicon Valley Bank, and their potential impact on small businesses. But rate increases can also rattle long-term investors, including those investing in sustainability, better known as ESG investing.

Sehoon Kim, a sustainable finance expert at the University of Florida, explains the pressure that the combination of higher interest rates, fear of a recession and political attacks by Republican state lawmakers and officials can put on investors who look for strong environmental, social and governance performance in companies.

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Stacy Morford

Environment + Climate Editor

ESG investing looks for companies that do well on environmental, social and governance benchmarks. Zhengshun Tang/Moment via Getty Images

Fed rate hikes, recession fears and political backlash leave ESG investors at a crossroads

Sehoon Kim, University of Florida

Three forces are pulling down ESG’s once-rapid rise in the investment world.

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