The financial toll of the pandemic will take years to recover from, but what happens to those people who don’t have years to recover? The nation’s seniors are in that position, and University of Massachusetts Boston gerontologist Marc Cohen and gerontology fellow Jane Tavares wanted to look more closely within that age group. Based on their analysis of the Great Recession’s effects on seniors, they found that minority seniors in particular are likely to lose the most.

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Lynne Anderson

Senior Health + Medicine Editor

The financial ravages caused by COVID-19 will particularly impact Black seniors. Willie B. Thomas via Getty Images

Economic hardship from COVID-19 will hit minority seniors the most

Marc Cohen, University of Massachusetts Boston; Jane Tavares, University of Massachusetts Boston

New data shows the Great Recession hurt older, poorer Blacks and Hispanics the most. The pandemic downturn is likely to be even worse for them.

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