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Earlier this week, I received two messages from our neighbours who were understandably upset, with their frustration and anger directed at the School. They described aggressive driving and disrespectful parking behaviour from drivers who are most certainly members of our CHS community. The behaviour described in their messages is disappointing and unacceptable.

As parents and guardians know, the CHS facilities team and security staff actively supervise both Blenheim and Balaclava Street when student safety requires adults to be present, manage traffic flow, and generally keep an eye on things. These individuals do their best to keep students safe and prevent issues from arising; however, they can’t be everywhere. Even when they are present, they do not always receive the consideration warranted from the parents and guardians of the children they are working hard to keep safe. This lack of respect is equally disappointing and unacceptable.

We have been working closely this year with the Kerrisdale Oakridge Marpole Community Policing Department and the associated liaison officer to ensure the safety of our students at pick up and drop off times, and continue to do so. Still, Crofton House School is a busy campus for hours that extend well beyond those of a neighbourhood school. This is wonderful for CHS; however, there are unintended impacts, and our immediate neighbours most often feel these. While we can accommodate vehicles in the parkade, parking on nearby side streets is required when large events are being held during the day. Fortunately, Crofton House is located in a part of the city where street parking is possible, but sometimes, inevitably, some guests may be required to park several blocks away from the School.

The recent descriptions from our neighbours and those who supervise student arrival and dismissal prompt me to remind everyone of the need to show respect and consideration for the needs of others. The School depends upon the goodwill of our neighbours, and, as parents and guardians, you have an essential role to play in this. Please:

  • Stay clear of driveways and lane entrances when parked
  • Respect the placement of cones intended to prevent parking in specific high traffic locations
  • Drive according to all posted signs
  • Turn off vehicle engines rather than idling

These measures will go a long way in building a positive rapport, and are essential components of the kind of community captured in the School’s Code of Conduct. Without exception, all members of our community, students, staff and parents are expected to abide by it. CHS adults have a special responsibility to model the sort of behaviours the Code of Conduct promotes so that we can collectively establish a safe, caring and orderly learning environment in which each community member feels safe, accepted and respected. It is important for all of us to remember that the School community includes our neighbours.

We are returning to events on campus, and, in the past few weeks, there have been many wonderful opportunities to welcome parents and guardians back to campus. As we begin to require more street space for special events on campus, we encourage you to choose to park a few extra blocks from the School, drive with care, and make way for others. Both our neighbours and the School appreciate your efforts to contribute to our positive community.

We Need Your Help! - Support the Backpack Drive Today

The CHS Parents’ Auxiliary annual backpack drive is back, and we still have 120 backpacks that need sponsoring! Let’s work together to reach our goal of donating 300 filled backpacks, to ensure students across Vancouver have the supplies they need for September. Simply complete the online form and your student account will be charged $60 per backpack.

Parents and students are also invited on-campus for a backpack filling event in Manrell Hall. Sign up to join the fun! Volunteers don’t need to sponsor a backpack to participate—everyone is welcome!

Volunteer to be a Class Parent for Next Year

If you enjoy organizing events and activities, and like to work on a team, being a Class Parent is for you! This volunteer opportunity is a great way to get involved at the School and make new friends, all while putting your own stamp on events just for your grade. To volunteer, please complete the registration form by Friday, May 13. In grades where there are more volunteers than spots, guidelines will be used to assist with selection. Sign up today!

Uniform Shop Appointments - Grade 4 and Grade 7

Parents of Grade 4 and Grade 7 students can book an appointment with the Uniform Shop by emailing While the Uniform Shop is open to all families by appointment, you can also purchase items through the online order form, with quick and easy pick-up from the receiving area.

A Good Neighbour

As we return to gatherings on campus, please be reminded of the importance of being a good neighbour to those living around CHS! When parking for short or long term visits to campus, please be aware and respectful of all street signage, and avoid blocking our neighbours' driveways. It is important that we are all considerate of the impact that School events can have on those who live on the surrounding streets and avenues.

“School Street” Pilot Program at Kerrisdale Annex, May 9 to June 3

The City of Vancouver, in partnership with the Vancouver School Board, will be piloting a School Street program adjacent to Kerrisdale Annex (the West 43rd Avenue cul-de-sac off Blenheim Street). During School Street times, no motor vehicles will be permitted to enter or exit the block, but parked vehicles may remain. The School Street will be monitored by parent volunteers who will place barriers at either end of the street to ensure student safety.

If you have questions about the program please reach out to the City of Vancouver at: and/or visit:

It was a real treat to be able to welcome parents back to campus, joining students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 7 for the first full Junior School assembly since March 2020.

Grade 1 students spent a recent art class shaping and detailing soapstone, learning about the history of Indigenous carvings in the process.

As the culmination of a project about the lifecycle of salmon and the importance of protecting our waterways, Grade 2 students had the opportunity to release salmon fry from their classroom tank into the wild.

Grade 3 students visited Spanish Banks for a learning-filled beach day in the Ocean Ambassadors program. Their field trip included plenty of hands-on activities about marine and coastal wildlife, habitats and the ways we can help keep our environment clean and thriving.

By all accounts, the Grade 6 Outdoor Education trip to Camp Elphinstone was a great success, with plenty of happy memories, new experiences and important lessons about appreciating the people and world around us.

There was a special buzz in the theatre of the Beedie Fine Arts Centre, as the Grade 6-7 Musical Dear Edwina Jr. came to life on stage! Congratulations to all the performers, and a huge thank you to the staff and students who helped bring this wonderful show to life.

Grade 9 students had a surprise photo contest as part of their Ivy Compass day. Exploring ideas of environment, sustainability and human impact, the students produced an impressive array of thought-provoking images. Check out more of the images on the CHS Instagram channel, and read more about sustainability at Crofton House School in our latest blog post.

Grade 9 and 10 students have been continuing the School’s commitment to supporting KidSafe, one of our long-time community partners. From prepping dry soup kits to fashioning colourful banners for events this summer, it has been great to see so many students enthusiastically giving back to the community.

Almost a month has passed since intrepid Grade 10 students took to the stunning Juan De Fuca Trail on Vancouver Island as part of the Challenge 11 Expedition. Mud, sun, blowdown, rain and breathtaking ocean views were all part and parcel of the adventure and its priceless memories.

Grade 12 students in Entrepreneurship and Digital Media Design got a unique (and tasty) opportunity to hear from Itamar Shani, owner of Chickpea food truck and restaurant. Itamar shared the story of how Chickpea came to be, and the value of pursuing something that you love and brings joy to others.

Ballots have been cast and the results are in. Next year’s student leadership roles across the School have been announced, and a new Senior School Student Executive is excited to take over in September. As is tradition, the current Student Executive welcomed them with open arms and ceremonial fancy dress!

The Junior School track team has been busy the last few weeks with a handful of track meets across the Lower Mainland! At the Vancouver Olympic Club Track and Field Championships on April 22 and 23, CHS was the top overall girls team at the event, with the top Grade 3, Grade 5 and Grade 7 teams winning their individual age groups as well. On April 27, the team competed at the Vancouver Elementary School Championships at UBC, with top individual placings for many athletes from Grades 4-7. The Grade 3 students also competed at a Mini Meet with York House on May 4—Fergie the Falcon even made an appearance to cheer on the athletes in their friendly competition!

Next up for Junior School track is the ISEA Track and Field Championships at Surrey Athletic Park on May 16. Go Falcons!

Senior School athletes have been thriving with the return to competition. There are some big events on the horizon for the spring teams, including Vancouver Sea-to-Sky Zones for badminton, soccer, tennis and track & field between May 16-19, and Provincial Championships at the start of June. Meanwhile, our rowing crews will be gearing up for the Delta Deas Scholastic Regatta on May 28-29. Don’t forget to keep an eye on ECalls and the Crofton Falcons Instagram page for more updates and achievements.

Courage, Creativity, Citizenship

You are Invited!: Year End BBQ - June 10

Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on our annual year-end bash, where our whole community comes together on-campus to celebrate the year—what a celebration it will be! More details to come.

That’s a Wrap! - Whole Girl, Whole World Speaker Series

To wrap up our speaker series this year, we welcomed Amra Dizdarevic, Family Nurse Practitioner, to campus last week to share her knowledge on current mental health issues. She addressed the signals parents should be attentive to regarding their children, along with coping strategies and practical tools to provide mental health and anxiety support. This fantastic presentation was enjoyed by a live audience, and over 100 families who joined us via livestream. Special thank you to PA volunteer and Whole Girl, Whole World Coordinator, Katherine Grant, for her hard work on the series this year!

View a recording of the event (Mandarin) or read a recap of the event with some of Amra’s important takeaways. A handout, containing slides and additional resources, is also available.

Thank You for Your Donations! - Service Together Tech Drive

Thank you to all the families who donated the used cell phones and iPads to the PA Service Together Tech Drive for the charity organization, Women Leaders of Tomorrow. Donations are already being used by students from Afghan refugee families for English language learning—they love them! Huge thank you to the Grade 11 student leaders, the School and Melanie Graham, our Service Together Chair for promoting and organizing this event!

Log into the My CHS portal to access the full school calendar.

Whole School

May 9
- A New Strategic Plan Town Hall 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (virtual)
May 12
- A New Strategic Plan Town Hall 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (in-person)
May 20
- Professional Development (no classes)
May 23
- Victoria Day (no classes)
June 1
- Staff Appreciation from the CHS Parents’ Auxiliary
June 10
- Year End BBQ

Junior School

May 11 - ECE Spring Concert
May 11-13
- Grade 7 OE Camp Fircom
May 17-19
- Grade 5 OE Camp Fircom
May 18
- Grade 1-3 Spring Concert
May 25 - Grade 4-5 Spring Concert
May 31 - Grade 6-7 Spring Concert

Senior School

May 12-13 - House Plays
May 24-27 - Grade 12 Capstone Presentations


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