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For months, with sadness and horror, I’ve been seeing images and watching video footage of the fighting between Israel and Hamas.

With missiles, rockets and artillery shells raining down on fighters and civilians on both sides of the border between Gaza and Israel, I wondered where all those weapons come from.

So I reached out to Terrence Guay, an international business scholar at Penn State who studies the global defense industry and the international weapons trade. He explains that both Israel and Hamas have home-grown weapons industries and describes what they produce. He also notes the other countries that supply the respective sides with armaments that perpetuate the violence and carnage.

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Jeff Inglis

Politics + Society Editor

Israeli artillery fires toward Gaza. Menahem Kahana/AFP via Getty Images

Where do Israel and Hamas get their weapons?

Terrence Guay, Penn State

Israel and Hamas are running through countless weapons in the ongoing war − but where are those weapons coming from?

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