One of Scott Morrison’s more surprising claims during the election campaign was his assertion that elections aren’t popularity contests. He could scarcely have been wider of the mark – elections being, of course, the ultimate popularity contest. But he made a related observation that was much closer to the truth: that elections are about “you”, the voter.

Now that we the voters have made our choice, are we going to own the result? As Shaun Carney writes, a key task for Labor will be to ensure voters aren’t swayed by detractors in the Coalition and media who’ll argue against the new government’s legitimacy. Failing to do so will harm its ability to govern.

And what of the Liberals? Mark Kenny argues that Morrison’s “great electoral bungle” has left the party depleted and in disarray. The question now will be whether they are willing to hear the message the voters have shouted at them.

Amanda Dunn

Section Editor: Politics + Society

Australian voters have elected their government. Now the Labor Party has to make them believe they were right

Shaun Carney, Monash University

Now that Labor has won and the Liberal Party has been severely wounded, its enemies will be baying for blood, so a first order of business will be to make Australian voters glad they elected them.

Morrison’s ‘great electoral bungle’ leaves the Liberals decimated and heading in the wrong direction

Mark Kenny, Australian National University

Menzies’ party has been delivered a massive blow - complete with loud messages - from its traditional base. The question now is whether it will listen.

As Albanese heads to the Quad, what are the security challenges facing Australia’s new government?

Greg Barton, Deakin University

At this week’s meetings, Japan and India will be looking for signs that Australia is serious about Asia. The US will be reviewing its expectations about its AUKUS partner.

Women stormed the 2022 election in numbers too big to ignore: what has Labor pledged on gender?

Camilla Nelson, University of Notre Dame Australia

The message from the weekend was the things that really matter to women matter at the ballot box, too.

Labor has a huge health agenda ahead of it. What policies should we expect?

Stephen Duckett, The University of Melbourne

Primary care and COVID will be the top two challenges for new government. But the likely ministers have strong credentials.

A new dawn over stormy seas: how Labor should manage the economy

Saul Eslake, University of Tasmania

Inflation, a slowdown in China and recessions in the US and elsewhere are big risks. Labor’s mandate is limited. It needs to build the case for an expanded one now.

Queensland bucks the national trend (again) and this spells trouble for both the Liberals and ALP

Paul Williams, Griffith University

The aftershocks of the 2022 federal election are likely to reverberate around the nation’s party system for years to come.

Swing when you’re winning: how Labor won big in Western Australia

John Phillimore, Curtin University

Labor holds the majority of Western Australia’s lower house seats for the first time since 1990.

3 big issues in higher education demand the new government’s attention

Catharine Coleborne, University of Newcastle

The Coalition government showed a disdain for the arts, humanities and social sciences. The plight of these disciplines requires action from the incoming Labor government on three fronts.

Nationals vote holds steady. Will the Coalition become a party of the regions and outer suburbs?

Gregory Melleuish, University of Wollongong

This election seems to indicate a major division opening up between the city and the bush.

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