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    1. Program: Traveling Cooperative Institute (USA)
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1.1 Social Media Feasibility Study

The Youth Network is also pleased to announce that we are working with CDS Consulting Coop to do a feasibility study for a global co-operative networking platform. The goal of this feasibility study is not if the platform can be built – we know technically that almost anything is possible today – but if it will be used.

We urgently need your input! Please respond to this survey here.


2.1 Upcoming Network Meeting @ The Summit!

The Youth Network will hold an Assembly to take place at the International Summit on Thursday 14 October in the afternoon. The agenda will include a report on activities, ideas for 2016 activities, approval of proposed constitutional changes, acceptance of the last minutes, and an election to fill any Executive Committee vacancies. We hope to see you there! More information will be send to the youth network as soon as possible.

We are also pleased to inform you that the International Summit will have a Young Leaders Programme with a reduced registration fee. More information on the programme and how to register can be found here.



3.1 Americas

The Youth Regional Committee of Co-operatives of the Americas has a training program for young people and new members of the cooperative movement to provide basic knowledge of management and cooperative values. It is also a trainer of trainers. In 2011, they developed a document that serves as a strategy for organizations to promote the cooperative model among youth.

The Committee holds events with youth when the meetings of Board of Directors take place to increase national contacts, promote the generation of spaces, generate processes of formation and training for youth, disseminate the Committee's activities, encourage cooperative organizations to support the participation of youth, among others.

Aware of the limitations of classroom participation and the advantages of the technology, the Committee performs an annual virtual meeting which invites all young people, inside or outside the cooperative sector, to present their ideas and exchange proposals.

Other important activities that Co-operatives of the Americas and the Youth Regional Committee are working on the “Jose Antonio Chavez Villanueva” Award for Cooperative youth recognition. This award seeks to publicly recognize the path of youth cooperative individuals or co-operatives organizations in the region that have significantly fostered the growth and development of youth cooperative.

In addition, the Committee encourages internships for countries or cooperative organizations in their country, to learn good practices.

To learn more and get involved with the Americas youth, visit:


3.2 Europe

The Young Cooperators of Europe regularly reports on their activities in a newsletter which can be found here. Most importantly - on April 18 and 19, Cooperatives Europe Youth Network hosted their third meeting in Brussels. 40 Young people from across 15 European countries gathered to officially incorporate the network as an NGO under French law and to discuss building the future of the network and raising its impact. During the statutory business, the youth elected their representatives for the Board as well as their first President – Sebastien Chaillou, who will work to ensure a close relationship between the Network, the International Cooperative Alliance and Cooperatives Europe. A session was dedicated to the development of the network and the preparation for the upcoming meetings in Mondragon, Spain and Quebec, Canada. During the organised workshops, 5 working groups were formed in advocacy, communications, business, education and research. The participants concentrated on outlining the long term vision for the Network as well as the work plan for the next year.

3.2 Asia-Pacific

The AP Youth Committee's website is and the Youth Newsletters can be found at 


4.1 Project Spotlight: TCI

The Traveling Cooperative Institute (TCI) has created a comprehensive cooperative entrepreneurship curriculum - which uses a popular education approach (i.e. it includes roleplaying, games, drawing, and more forms of interactive learning) - accessible to anyone who wishes to use it thanks to it being shared under a Creative Commons license. Presently, the curriculum manual is only available in English, but a Spanish translation may be available later in the year. Within the next month, the manual will be posted online and freely available via pdf. Print copies are available for the cost of printing, binding, and shipping. Like the Traveling Cooperative Institute on Facebook to get notified when the manual is available for download.


4.2 Study Spotlight: Capitalization

We are delighted to share with you the final version of the Capital Conundrum. It is the result of work steered by the Blue Ribbon Commission on Co-operative Capital. The paper convenes global thought leadership on the complex issues co-operatives face in dealing with capital - structuring it, acquiring it, ensuring that its pursuit does not compromise the mutuality of the enterprise model. Please do share within your network, with colleagues, and members. We trust it will become a topic of discussion and we’ll want to hear echoes of how it’s being received and the ideas and discussions (perhaps also arguments) it provokes. To view the paper, click here:


5. Scholarship Opportunity: IFCO

The International Co-operative Fisheries Organisation (ICFO) is accepting applications for ‘ICFO Scholarship Student’, an initiative designed to nurture talents in fisheries around the world. For more information go to


6. Invitation to E-Consultation on Rural Youth, Work, & Agriculture

The Food and Agricultural Organizaiton will hold later this year an international expert meeting on “Youth – feeding the future: Addressing the challenges faced by rural youth aged 15 to 17 in preparing for and accessing decent work”. In the run up, FAO is holding an online consultation, at the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition, to gather valuable knowledge and experience from across the globe and from diverse technical fields. How can co-operatives support rural youth aged 15 to 17 access decent work in agriculture? To participate in this forum, please go to Contributions in French and Spanish are also welcome.


7. Share YOUR Coop Story! is the world’s first global, digital campaign to spread the benefits of cooperation through the tradition of story-telling. The aim of is to present stories of cooperation from around the world by exploring a wide variety of sectors, sizes and countries. There are already a number of stories about youth co-ops on the site and we would love to feature more. To share your story, go to and submit your story online or email Mrs Ilana Gotz at

Don’t forget to visit the page to read about the youth co-ops who have already told their story there. Just type in “youth” in the search terms to get stories on youth and co-ops. Here are some that you will find: the youth co-op teaching science in Italy, the youth co-op selling and growing their products together in Uganda, and a student co-op in Lesotho.


8. Become a member of the Network!

Join young people from all over who are empowering themselves through cooperation! To join the Alliance Youth Network as a member, please fill out the membership form today!