27 January 2022 | View in Browser
Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Update for General Practitioners

Dear General Practitioner,

Positive COVID-19 cases identified at Calvary Tanilba Shores

I am writing to inform you that one (1) resident and one (1) member of staff have tested positive for COVID-19 at Calvary Tanilba Shores. Under advice from the Public Health Unit, the whole home has been placed in lockdown effective immediately.

We acknowledge that as a provider of primary medical care, your ability to consult via telehealth and physically access a site, as required, under outbreak conditions, is critical to the continuity of resident medical care. Accordingly, our Outbreak Management Plan (OMP) has provisions to ensure the ongoing delivery of primary care in a scenario such as this.

What is Calvary doing to contain the situation?

The home’s COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan (OMP) has been enacted and we have taken immediate action to contain transmission and keep residents and staff safe, which includes:
• Physically separated the affected person, including any close contacts;
• Notified and working with the State and Commonwealth agencies;
• Immediately closed the home to visitors (except for end of life/ compassionate visits);
• Ensured all residents are being safely cared for in their rooms, including meals and activities;
• Commencing COVID-19 testing of residents and staff; and
• Full outbreak PPE (gloves, masks, face shields, gowns) has been provided to required areas.

What does this mean for GPs?

Full PPE will be required while on site. GPs will be permitted entry to the home as usual, however the wearing of full PPE – gloves, masks, face shields and gowns – will be required. GPs will be provided with the necessary PPE and education/support if required upon arrival.

We are committed to ensuring that you, our GP partners, are provided with the information you need.
Please be assured that our staff are prepared for situations such as this. Our staff are trained in strict infection prevention and control procedures and are focusing all of their attention on the individual care needs of residents.

We thank you for working with us to ensure residents continue to receive the best medical care in this challenging environment. You will be kept informed as the situation develops. If you have any questions about your patient or accessing the site safely, please contact the home manager.


Sandeep Kandel
General Manager Aged Care - Hunter