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Welcome to the Board, Tracey

Tracey Danaher is a Professor at Monash University. Her primary research interests centre around solving business problems, but she also has a special interest in healthcare research, in particular, cancer care.


It was not until cancer directly touched her own life, that Tracey truly understood the overwhelming fear and anxiety, and the bravery it takes to face a cancer diagnosis.


Her son Zac was diagnosed in 2015 with a Choroid Plexus Carcinoma, a very rare and aggressive brain tumour. Sadly Zac lost his battle in 2019 just weeks after his eighth birthday.


Since then, Tracey has been a strong advocate of the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

In joining the Foundation’s board of Directors, Tracey brings a mix of unique skills – experience in business (market research, marketing, advertising) and academia (research, grant writing, publishing, and teaching) all wrapped up in first-hand knowledge of the challenges and journey that children with cancer and their families face.


A warm welcome to Tracey.


Continue reading Tracey's story or listen to her Q&A with Executive Director Jeff Darmanin

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Today we are launching Sibling Stories

Looking at cancer through the eyes of siblings, these stories provide a heart-warming and at times heart-wrenching insight into paediatric cancer. Siblings can be forgotten in the midst of a cancer diagnosis. Their worlds are also turned upside down as parental attention shifts, daily routines change, and complicated emotions like fear, anxiety, jealousy, guilt and anger are experienced.

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In their own words: The experience of three siblings

Riley who learned patience and understanding, Carlee who remembers how their day-to-day lives were changed by her twin brother’s diagnosis, and Molly, who speaks to the resilience that can grow from these experiences.

The telling of sibling’s stories is important because the "voice" and "perspective" of siblings is often lost in the anxiety and chaos of a cancer diagnosis

Tracey Danaher

Step to it: Making a difference from home

It’s been heart-warming to see so many workplaces and families pivot to find creative new ways to generate donations for childhood cancer during this time; like Jessica who is completing 12,000 steps a day with her Lace up for Luca campaign.

How will you make a difference from home until community event restrictions ease?

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Have a fundraising idea? Tell us here
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Celebrating our Change Champions

Round of applause for our latest Change Champions who cut their hair in support of childhood cancer. 

Cassandra cut her long hair, raising an impressive $4,379, beating her $2,500 target.

Chloe cut off her lovely mane raising $1,230 towards better, kinder childhood cancer treatments. 

Georgia is preparing for her first ever haircut. She will say goodbye to her tailbone length tresses on June 27.

Do you have what it takes to be a Change Champion?

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