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Buckle Up Travel Fans

Good morning!

We've got a lot to share with you this morning. 

Americans are flocking to the UK and saving lots of money with the crash of the British Pound, there's been a huge surge of travel bookings after the election, and we've got a whole host of special travel offers for you.

So, buckle up travel fans, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and let's get started...

American Travelers are Flocking to UK in Droves

With the sharp decline of the British Pound following the Brexit vote last June, Americans are flocking to Great Britain in droves. 

Last week, I sent our British in-country travel planning partner an email asking if she’s seeing an increase in bookings to Great Britain; she said, “Absolutely! Its been utter madness!”.

To learn more about the mad rush of American travelers to the UK, CLICK HERE.

Post-Election Travel Bookings Surge

Post-election travel bookings are surging and many travel suppliers are seeing record bookings!

Our travel agency’s bookings are up over 250% from this time last year.

To see some more examples of the surge, and what to do about it, CLICK HERE.

Insiders Guide: 35 Reasons to Plan for Europe Now

The Best of Europe

Europe is the perennial travel favorite. Many make a trip to the Continent a yearly ritual. No matter how many times you visit, there is always something new and unexpected to discover when you travel with Roaming Boomers Travel.  Secure a reservation at those Michelin-star gems you’ve been eager to try. Get to the front of the line (and behind the scenes) at must-see attractions, receive free nights at the top hotels – We will make sure your room is ready when you arrive after a long transatlantic flight.

To explore our 35 exclusive offers, CLICK HERE.

Last-Minute 2016 Offers From Crystal Cruises

Carol and I sailed Crystal Cruises in Alaska this summer and fell in love! To read our review, click here.

And now, we’re very excited to bring you these exciting last-minute offers, CLICK HERE.

Fly to Europe in 3.5 Hours?

In a recent press release and media event, Boom Technologies unveiled a new aircraft that promises supersonic speeds at business-class prices.

As one who hates flying, this would be a very welcome option.

To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Travel Photo: London’s Buckingham Palace

Speaking of the UK, come take a peek at the large view of this photograph I snagged of London's Buckingham Palace a few years ago.

For the rest of the story, CLICK HERE.

National Take a Hike Day

Thursday was National Take a Hike Day.  To learn the location of this, one of our very favoriate hikes, CLICK HERE.

How to Choose the Right Stateroom on a Viking Ocean Cruise

Did you see last week's article about how to choose the right stateroom on a Viking Ocean Cruise?


Spotlight: Viking Homelands Ocean Cruise

When we were sailing with Viking Ocean Cruises a few weeks ago (article link) President and CEO Torstein Hagan shared with us that if folks want to explore the Baltic's, that they ought to do it aboard a Viking Ocean Cruise as the Baltic's are the homelands of Viking.

He went on to lay out a very compelling argument. 

We're seeing an upsurge in Baltic sailings and therefore thought you might enjoy exploring a sailing with Viking in the region. 

To learn more, CLICK HERE.

To make his argument even more compelling, they are offering savings up to $2,800/couple!

Spotlight: Viking Grand European River Cruise

Viking's Grand European River Cruise is the most popular cruise for those who have the 15-days to sail the Rhine and Danube together.

Viking River Cruises is celebrating their 20th anniversary, and to celebrate is offering these exciting specials:

  • Rhine River - cruise from $1,699/person + air from $295.
  • Danube River - cruise from $1,699/person + air from $295.
  • Grand European Tour - FREE international air

PLUS, if you book with us by the end of the month, you'll also enjoy one of the following:

  • Free beverage package
  • or, $300 shipboard credit/stateroom
  • or, prepaid onboard gratuities

PLUS, when you book your fun river cruise with us, mention #VikingFun and Carol and I will throw in another $100 shipboard credit/stateroom and you can enjoy a couple of nice bottles of wine on us!

To learn more about these exciting offers, CLICK HERE.

There’s no Place Like Terranea Resort for the Holidays!

Carol and I enjoyed a marvelous stay at the Terranea Resort on the California Coast a few years ago.  To read our review, click here.

Enjoy Christmas on the spectacular California coast. Terranea’s unequalled Pacific views, award-winning spa and outstanding dining set the stage for an unforgettable holiday. Halls will be decked, Santa will be in house, and the elves will merrymaking all over the resort!

To learn more about our special offers, CLICK HERE.

Closing Thoughts

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." – Anonymous

I don't fully agree with this statement.  Sometimes, travel IS merely a chance to escape and rejuvenate.  Sometimes travel is to celebrate the milestones in our lives.  And, perhaps to this person's point, travel has a way of changing our lives as we visit other cultures, begin to understand their history, and spend time interacting with them.

Whether you want to escape your daily life, or desire a travel experience that might make you more fully alive, we hope that you've found a travel experience in this week's newsletter that will inspire you to get out there and explore something new.

Speaking of travel, many of us will be traveling over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  We wish you safe journeys and pray that you have a most wonderful time reconnecting with family and friends.  Happy Thanksgiving!

See you next week!

To explore any of the travel options mentioned in this week's newsletter, or any other travel option that makes your heart go pitter-pat, call our travel agency office at (480) 550-1235, or use our convenient online information request (click here), and we'll reach out to you.

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