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SH2 Ngauranga to Featherston speed review project update
25 May 2023


An update on our intersection safety improvements

Timing has changed for some of our SH2 safety improvements, between Ngāūranga to Upper Hutt, at Moonshine Hill Road, Owen Street, Hebden Crescent and Liverton Road. So, it’s time for a quick refresh on what’s happening and when. 

What’s happened so far? 

In 2021 we carried out feasibility design work for physical safety improvements on 14 intersections along 25km of SH2 from Ngāūranga to Upper Hutt (excluding Melling Interchange, which is a separate project). This was about gathering information and determining the best proposed safety improvements. 

As part of this phase, we engaged with key stakeholders that have an interest in the road corridor to provide feedback on the options. Full details of the stakeholders involved are included in our engagement report. 

The project team produced a Feasibility Design Report at the end of this stage (Feb 2022) and decision makers agreed to take a staged approach to this work, with the first stage to include an initial four intersections – Moonshine Hill Road, Owen Street, Hebden Crescent and Liverton Road. These four intersections have been identified as high-risk for death and serious injury. They have unsafe layouts not suitable for high-speed and high-volume traffic, including the potential for serious side-impact crashes.

In late 2022, we let residents, businesses and key stakeholders know about the decision to move forward with these intersections.   

What’s happening now?  

We’re working on the designs for these safety improvements before we move to construction. This is taking a little longer than expected, so we’ll be looking to start in the next summer construction season from November 2023. 

Construction scheduling and scope is being worked on, and we’ll let you know more as soon as we have the info.  

We’ll be taking a staged approach to the proposed upgrades to minimise the construction impacts on traffic and neighbourhoods. 

More information

If you’re interested to know more about what’s happening at each intersection, please visit



SH2 Upper Hutt safety improvements continue

On Sunday (21 May) we started working between Tōtara Park Road and Gibbons Street, widening the shoulder and upgrading the side barriers.

All work is happening from 7pm-5.30am but might be postponed at short notice if the weather is bad.

As the project progresses, we’ll be working up and down this corridor to make this section of SH2 safer for all road users.

There may also be some work once we get around to installing the median barriers that is a little noisy at times. We will do our best to communicate when this is likely to happen and keep disruption to a minimum.

You can also visit the project website for more information about these works:

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we complete this work.



More information


For more info about these safety improvements, please visit

Throughout construction, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the project team:

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We look forward to helping make your community safer.