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Twin Coast Discovery Route intersection improvements

Project update – 15 June 2021


The SH11 leg of the new intersection heading towards the Bay of Islands, June 2021


Your update from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

All three of our intersection improvement projects in the Far North are now completed or close to being completed. With the winter season upon us, we are looking forward to adding final elements and checking final details.

These projects are all part of the regional package of the NZ Upgrade Programme.


The northward leg of the new intersection, June 2021


Practical works completed at Puketona Junction

The Puketona roundabout has reached the practical completion stage on time and under budget. Much of the success of the project was due to the early decision to build a temporary road. This allowed us to  keep road users moving while our crews built the roundabout away from traffic.

We are currently constructing cultural elements for the roundabout in partnership with Ngāti Kawa and Ngāti Rāhiri. Iwi members have designed the roundabout interior, with the artwork still to be installed. It will be unveiled on an upcoming occasion.

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Quiet times at Kawakawa roundabout

The Kawakawa intersection of SH1 and SH11 saw a lot of activity in the last few months as the project neared completion. But things will be quiet for the next few weeks.

We are still working off-site, building and painting the concrete panels that will complete the retaining wall. A small crew will appear from time to time, wrapping up detail work on things like paving and drainage.

We're also allowing some time for new growth to get established on the hillside before we add the final elements of the project. Recent heavy rains washed out some of our planting and we have developed plans for protecting the hillside and replanting.

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A view of the improved intersection looking towards Ōpononi and Ōmāpere


Rawene intersection improvements now complete

They may not be obvious to the casual observer, but we've made significant improvements at the intersection of SH12 and Rawene Road. Work to make the intersection safer was completed last month. With a dry weather window, the site crew was able to make good progress and finish the project on time and on budget.

The changes will not be radical for road users but new seal and new road markings have made the intersection safer to navigate. Improvements to the road shoulder and new lengths of safety barrier also contribute to reducing the risks to road users at the intersection.

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