The Seahawks won the game, but these ads were the ones that really got everyone talking.

The Only Super Bowl Commercials Worth Watching

It wasn’t a great night for Super Bowl ads. These were the ones that were worth it.

this was so great


Peyton Manning spent most of the game looking sad. The Manningface will live on forever.


Bruno Mars rocked the halftime show. He was great. But his show was still missing one thing: Some Beyoncé.


Jerry and George also reunited during the game. It's the "Seinfeld" reunion we've all been waiting for.


In other non-football news: J.K. Rowling says she regrets that Harry and Hermione ended up together.


This little boy got choked up listening to a sad song. Don't ever change, kid.


There's a new, extended trailer out for "The Amazing Spider Man 2." Go nuts, Marvel fans.


Where should you take your next vacation? This quiz might help you answer that question.


And finally: There were so many gifts your parents refused to get you when you were a kid. Why, mom and dad?

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