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Funding Announcement from Daniel Andrews, Jaala Pulford and Jeremy Smith
Further funding announced that will put Victoria on the global map for childhood cancer research

Until recently, the world-class hospitals, universities and research institutes in Victoria that focus on paediatric cancer had not been formally united to tackle their shared goal.


The Children’s Cancer Foundation has campaigned for more funding to ensure children have a better survival rate to ensure children do not face a lifetime of serious health issues as a result of intensive treatments to treat their cancer.


As part of this campaign, in 2021 the Children's Cancer Foundation lead the formation of the Victorian Paediatric Consortium (“VPCC”) in partnership with Melbourne and Monash Universities, Royal Children’s and Monash Children’s Hospitals, the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, WEHI and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. The first stage of this revolutionary initiative is well underway at a cost of $10m.

VPCC Partner Organisations

This week, $45 million in funding was pledged for Phase 2 activities of this consortium over the next five years.  


The lives of kids living with cancer will be transformed with a $45m boost — the biggest investment ever made to children’s cancer research in Victoria. The state government announced on Sunday it will contribute $35m to funding with Children’s Cancer Foundation pledging $10m.

Jaala Pulford, who lost her daughter to cancer,

fought back tears as a huge boost for children’s cancer research was announced.


“I truly believe this plan will make for the lighting of more birthday candles and less memorial candles... We need to do better for our kids.” Ms Pulford said the funding will make a real difference for the children and their families.

Premier, Daniel Andrews thanked the Children's Cancer Foundation for their leadership on this initiative.


Children’s Cancer Foundation chairman Jeremy Smith said the boost would be a driving force in children’s cancer research in Australia for years to come. “Since 1980, over 500 drugs have been approved for treatment of adult cancers. Yet for childhood cancers, the number is 12 worldwide. The VPCC offers a pathway to collaborative excellence. It will nurture local talent, attract global leaders and drive children’s cancer research in Australia for many years to come,” he said.



Continued funds are needed to propel this mission, of ensuring all children experiencing cancer get the support they need for a better quality of life.

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Chairman's Announcement Address

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