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Bay Link Project Update: Summer 2021-2022

Welcome to the Summer 2021-2022 edition of the Bay Link Project Update.

What a year it's been! The project has progressed well in recent months and we're pleased to share these developments with you in the latest update. Read more below or click here for a PDF version.

The Bay Link construction site will be closed from 12pm Thursday 23 December 2021 and will re-open 9am Wednesday 5 January 2022. Temporary speed restrictions remain in place throughout the site during this time. The Bay Link contact number 0508 222 4636 remains operational over the Christmas/New Year period.

The project team would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season and remind you to take care on the roads, whether you’re travelling near or far.

Meri Kirihimete.



The Bayfair flyover starting to take shape.


What it takes to build a bridge (and get over it!)

Building the Bayfair flyover is akin to completing a challenging 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzle - get a piece out of place and everything is out of sequence.

On the Bay Link project, sequencing of the construction programme is critical. Activities need to happen in a specific order and if one activity shifts, this impacts a number of subsequent activities. 

The Bayfair flyover, now rising out of the ground in various stages, is the most complex structure on Bay Link due its multi-faceted components and it demonstrates the fundamental importance of sequencing on the overall project. Modifying the design of the Bayfair flyover from the original three-span to a fourspan bridge (to accommodate the walking and cycling underpass) also added to this complexity.

When designing the flyover, key considerations included accessibility to the Bayfair and HomeZone shopping centres; providing a separate, streamlined freight route from the Tauranga Eastern Link; and improving walking and cycling connections.

The Bayfair flyover is comprised of five bridge supports - three piers and two embankments (approach ramps).

Prior to construction of the flyover’s first stage getting underway earlier this year, the earth below first had to be prepared and strengthened (with both stone columns and lattice piles) in order to sustain the weight of the flyover itself and also to provide further stability and limit liquefaction in the event of an earthquake. 

Starting in April, the first pier (one of the five bridge supports) was constructed in the middle of Bayfair roundabout. In recent months, the flyover’s southern approach ramp has gradually risen out of the ground and will soon enter a settlement period when no further construction activity will take place. After settlement has occurred, the final road surface can be laid on the southern approach ramp. 

Construction of the next stage of the flyover could only get underway once the two outer box sections (on the Bayfair and Matapihi sides) of the underpass were built, and traffic was relocated over the top of them. This took place during a traffic switch in November and following the switch, space for a work zone was created in the middle of SH2, where construction of two further bridge piers (and the underpass’ central trench) is now underway. 

The flyover's remaining piers have since been craned into position. The second pier is located in the middle of the Bayfair roundabout (near the existing/first pier), and the third and final pier is located north of the Bayfair roundabout, next to where the underpass is under construction. Both piers are currently due to be completed by late Summer 2022.

While the underpass’ central trench is being built, construction of the flyover’s northern approach ramp will also be underway, north of the Bayfair roundabout. This component is due to be complete in late Autumn 2022, before entering a settlement period.

Also in Autumn, concrete beams will be installed to connect four of the five bridge supports, and in Winter, once the settlement period of the northern approach ramp is complete, beams will connect the final pier with the last bridge support structure.

Following the required settlement periods, pavement construction and installation of barriers and other finishing elements, the Bayfair flyover is anticipated to open under temporary traffic management in 2023.

Once the Bayfair flyover is complete, it will improve safety and accessibility and transform how people move through the area. Similar to the Hewletts Road flyover, there will be a lane in each direction, separating heavy vehicles heading to the Port from local traffic. In addition to the flyover lanes, there will be two ground level, grade-separated lanes either side of the flyover to enable flow of local traffic, providing a total of three lanes in each direction.



Bringing Bay Link to life

A new animated video of the Bay Link site shows how the project will be constructed through to completion.

The video, which can be viewed on the Bay Link website, helps bring the project to life and shows the updated construction sequencing to the end of the project.

The animation video reveals highlights and features of both the Bayfair and Te Maunga ends of the project, and demonstrates how the project will help improve safety, accessibility and connectivity.

As part of the revised construction sequencing confirmed earlier this year, the lattice ground improvements, new pedestrian and cyclist underpass and the redesigned four-span Bayfair flyover have all been included in the animation video.

View the video at:

Images below: Indicative images of the Bayfair flyover and Te Maunga interchange, as seen in the Bay Link animation video





SH2 closure for progress on Te Maunga interchange

State Highway 2 between Bayfair roundabout and Te Maunga intersection is scheduled to close over a weekend in mid-January 2022 while some of the final elements of the SH2 bridge, part of the Te Maunga interchange, are installed.

Prior to the interchange opening to motorists in 2022, barriers and service ducting need be installed on the bridge. Due to the installation of these elements taking place above SH2, the closure is necessary to keep road users safe. 

The closure is anticipated to be in place from approximately 1.00am on Saturday 15 January until 5.30am on Monday 17 January 2022

This is a significant closure that will impact travel times for locals and visitors. Delays are expected and road users are encouraged to travel outside of this closure where possible, or use alternative routes.

Work will take place during day and night shifts to minimise the closure’s duration. This same section of road was closed in July for installation of 10 reinforced concrete bridge beams. While the road was anticipated to close for the entire weekend at that time, it was reopened ahead of schedule.

A signposted detour will be available via Girven Road, Maranui Street, Sandhurst Drive and the Sandhurst Drive/Mangatawa Interchange. Visit for full detour information.

Throughout January, significant road works will be underway on several of Tauranga’s key roads. Plan for delays, allow extra time for travel and check

Image below: This map provides an indication of the detour routes in place.



Lane closures on Girven Road

Following Waitangi weekend in February and continuing into March 2022, Girven Road between the Gloucester Road intersection and the Bayfair roundabout will be reduced to one lane in each direction to allow for construction of the permanent road in this area. Dates of these lane closures will be confirmed in January.

This section of road was recently closed for a three-day period to allow for site investigations ahead of the works in February and March. 

During the closure in February/March:

  • Only one lane of Girven Road headed towards the Bayfair roundabout will be able to proceed straight at the Gloucester Road signalised intersection.
  • Only the right-hand lane will be able to turn right onto Girven Road from the Bayfair Shopping Centre carpark at the Gloucester Road signalised intersection. 
  • Existing vehicle access to all Girven Road properties will be maintained.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists are not expected to be impacted.

February is typically a busy time of year on the roads with people returning to work after the Summer break and students returning to school and university. Delays are anticipated and road users are advised to plan ahead and allow extra time for travel. 

More information will be shared on the Bay Link website in the New Year.



Bay Link through the lens: A year in review

Bay Link has come a long way in the space of a year. Here’s a brief snapshot of Bay Link through the lens in 2021. You can view more images in the PDF version of the Project Update or visit the image gallery on the Bay Link website for more photos from 2021.

Highlights of 2021 include:

  • Completing the redesigned lattice ground improvement works at Bayfair, which has enabled the construction of the bridge approach ramps and piers, now clearly evident above ground.
  • Progressing the pedestrian and cyclist underpass at Bayfair. Recently the outer box sections of the Bayfair and Matapihi sides of the underpass were completed. Construction of the central open-air trench is now about to commence.
  • Progressing the Bayfair flyover. Following the completion of the bridge’s first pier (one of five bridge supports) earlier this year, construction of two further piers are now underway. The southern approach ramp is nearing completion and the northern approach ramp is due to get underway in early 2022.
  • Construction of the Te Maunga interchange (comprised of the SH2 bridge and the SH29A rail bridge). The final elements of the SH2 bridge are due to be complete early 2022. The interchange is anticipated to open under temporary traffic management in the first quarter of 2022.

Images below:

1. February 2021: Rail bridge installation, the first of two bridges in the Te Maunga interchange.

2. April 2021: The first bridge pier for the Bayfair flyover under construction, one of five bridge support structures.

3. June 2021: The structure of the new pedestrian and cyclist underpass takes shape.

4. October 2021: Te Maunga interchange, comprised of the SH2 bridge and the SH29A rail bridge.







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