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Dressage Judges and Officials Newsletter - June 2022

June 9, 2022

Shakespeare said:

I always feel happy. You know why? Because I don’t expect anything from anyone. Expectations always hurt. Life is short – so love your life. Be happy and keep smiling. Just live for yourself and BEFORE you speak, listen. BEFORE you write, think. BEFORE you spend, earn. BEFORE you pray, forgive. BEFORE you hurt, feel. BEFORE you hate, love. BEFORE you quit, try. BEFORE you die, live.


Vale - Judy Herschell

It is with very sad hearts that we mourn the loss of Judy Herschell (who died on May 24th from ovarian cancer). 

Judy was an E level Judge, and along with her husband, Max, were an integral part of the Caboolture Dressage Group. There was always a warm welcome to be had from Judy when you arrived to judge at Caboolture. Judy was the ultimate volunteer, who assumed many roles in her years with the club. Her loss will be very keenly felt.

Judy was a keen rider, from pony club days in Blackall, performing in quadrilles with her best friend Neridah Bayard (on the famous palaminos),  to winning gold medals in the Masters Games. An overall good horsewoman. Judy’s popularity was evident by the huge turnout at her funeral. RIP Judy.


Don’t forget to check the link to see the dates/venues of the Seminars and Workshops near you. Book early to not be disappointed.

The 2022 workshops and seminars can be found here.

The National Officals calendar can be found here.

New Rule Changes as at 1 July 2022

Please click the link to access these new rule here

Most important changes to date:

  • Only 2 performances per day at any level
  • G judge can judge participant Nov and below alone
  • 1 only qualification score of 64% for CDIs
  • Identification numbers to be minimum of 4cm in height, both sides of bridle or saddle cloth otherwise a penalty of 0.05%
  • Can paint hooves in EA classes……not in rules but as it is not forbidden it is allowed, not permitted in International CDI classes
  • Sensory hairs not removed or trimmed in any form. Penalty no start

Training and Education for National Stewards

July Date TBC:

National Zoom meeting for update and review of proposed rule changes.

Review of the current not touch technique for gear check for Stewards moving forward.

Belated Congratulations to Carol Paterson OAM !!!

Carol was awarded an OAM in this year’s honours lists.  Carol comes from the Texas area and has given many years of service to Equestrian activities and especially Pony Club and the local Texas show.

Since the 1980s, she has been involved in the Pony Club Association at both State and National level culminating in 2015 where she became Chair of Pony Club Australia (2015-2018).

We are very happy that she continues to be an accredited Dressage Judge for Equestrian Australia and she is a stalwart in the Darling Downs regions with Interschool Dressage and the Toowoomba Club.

Carol recently judged at the Roma Show, with the dressage being conducted by the very active EQ affiliate, Maranoa Club.

A little something for all you Judges out there!!



Ooooh, hello Joyce, are you writing for me? Thank goodness for that ~ I had Marge last week and she’s not improved in the freshness department…

Have you got coffee? I hope they’ve put enough breaks in, I nearly wet myself last time I was here…

The gate steward is flapping at me so I presume that means we’re starting. Just wave and smile, Joyce, I’ve got no idea what she’s on about

Right then, first horse! What have we here? Well, she’s going to have to get him in the arena, at least. Oooh, right, she’s in. And… out again. And in again. Oh Lord, now there’s someone leading it round, smile, Joyce, she’s looking, we’ll be here all day at this rate. Let’s ring the bell and see what happens…

Oh dear. He didn’t like that much, did he? Mind you, there was great energy in that buck.

She’s made it onto the centre line Joyce, we’re away! Fairly straight, 7, although I feel she may benefit from slightly more robust undergarments… No, Joyce, I don’t want you to write that bit

Figure of 8 from A ~ help yourself to a Jammy Dodger, Joyce ~ could show clearer change of bend, 7 ~ how’s Derek? Really? I think you can get cream for that…

Change of rein KXM ~ onward bound, 5, I don’t think I can refer to extended bolt, Joyce, but thank you for the suggestion

Right, let’s look at this canter circle at C. Eeek, mind my bonnet, I only just got it resprayed after that cob sat on it at the Regionals. Ok, so, wrong leg, disunited, wrong bend, broke, rider in tears… hmmm. I’ll come back to that one…

Oh hurrah, she’s managed to trot between E and K! Resistant to transition 5.5. She must have biceps like Popeye under there…

Now then, we’re going across the diagonal FXH. Oh, apparently we’re not. Joyce, where’s the bell? Ah. It might be more readily available if you weren’t sitting on it?

(To the rider) Let’s go back to K and then trot across the diagonal FXH, shall we? No, I’m afraid you can’t start again. No you can’t swap horses either. Yes, we’ve all done it… (encouraging smile) And while I’m at it I’m not sure a pink bridle is quite the look you should be going for…

(Back in the car) Error of course please, Joyce, and two penalty marks for that bridle. Did I tell you I’ve got new neighbours? A week they’ve been there and I haven’t heard her put the hoover round once. Fairly good rhythm, 6.5…

Exuberant transition, 5. He can’t half stuff in a buck, Joyce! Well, it’s sort of a canter circle. Or a rectangle with curves. I’ll come back to that one…

She’s got walk at A! Now we’re getting somewhere! 6 for those transitions, I think ~ try not to get jam on the sheet, Joyce dear. It looks like you’ve had a nosebleed…

Oh dear. Now that’s not really a free walk on a long rein, is it? More of a sideways jog with his ears up her nose and some snorting. I’ll have a think about that one…

On the home straight now Joyce! Well it’s not very straight but you know what I mean. So we have a transition to trot, a half 10 metre circle B-X and halt at G. Or not. What we actually have is half-pass and more crying. Oh well, she’s made it to G. Vaguely. Immobility not established 4. Yes, Joyce, I know it’s rearing but I’m trying to be nice!

Phew! Off she goes! At least she’s in one piece. Pass us a Jammy Dodger, Joyce, only 39 more to go!

Judges Box

When accepting an invitation to judge, please make sure that the ‘Judge’ co-ordinator from the Organising Committee acknowledges your acceptance and ask that they notify you asap after the close of entries, to confirm that you are judging at that event.

Often if not enough entries, too many Judges etc you may be not be required and are given the day off. These things are beyond the control of the organisaing committee. Often communications between OC’s and Judges are a little slack, which leads to the tendency to not accepting a judging invitation from that particular group in the future.

The Organising Committees themselves should be aware of this also, but often with changes in positions within a club from time to time, these things are overlooked (perhaps the ‘Judge’ co-ordinator has not done this job before.)

Whatever the reason, to make it easier on yourself, insist that your acceptance be confirmed and that you be notified asap if you are judging on the day. This should usually be done at the latest, at close of entries or soon after.


Whatever you resist you become. If you resist anger, you are always angry. If you resist sadness you are always sad. If you resist suffering you are always suffering. If you resist confusion you are always confused. We think that we resist certain states because they are lore, but actually they are there because we resist them. . . . . Advoshanti


Stay safe everyone



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