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November 2020

Dear Fans & Friends,

I was speaking with composer Agustín Castilla-Ávilla (Spain/Austria) about his new lullaby 'Perseiden' (Perseids in English) and the dichotomy of the ending of his work: ethereal harmonics above with rough tapping below and why he paired them. He sees the harmonics as beauty and the tapping as ugliness, and this clashing was for me symbolic of our time: beauty = music/family/cooking vs. ugliness = pandemic/loss of trust/violence.

Music keeps me moving forward during a time when the Arts Industry pretty much ceases to exist. This desire for beauty and need to create continues to help me focus; I am not bored.

10 years ago, I released the album 'New Lullaby' thinking it would be the culmination of the New Lullaby Project, but next month you will see the latest chapter of the project with the release of the second full album of new lullabies: 'Nights Transfigured'!!

In July I began building a home studio and in mid-August I christened it with the first day of recording: L'atelier d'artiste Boston. Over the month I recorded 28 compositions, 14 of which will be on 'Nights Transfigured' and the remaining on an early 2021 TBA release. A huge thank you to Steve Hunt for his advice, patience, and support...again. 

In September I partnered with the American Composers Alliance and director Gina Genova for the publication of an anthology of the scores from the New Lullaby Project. A longtime pipedream considering the state of publishing and the internet, volume one of 'Nights Transfigured' (I like the name) will also be issued in November. It's an exciting time!

Below are recent performances and new videos. If you are able and feel so inspired, click on the donation buttons. Those made via Fractured Atlas are tax-deductible. We are all affected by Covid-19, but anything and everything is appreciated. I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!




I am holding three events as part of the Boston New Music Festival.

1 - Composing for Guitar Roundtable, Sunday Nov. 1 at 1pm with composers Francine Trester, John McDonald, Tom Flaherty and Vineet Shende. It will stream on my FB page @alcguitar or you can watch on Zoom. For the latter you must register HERE. Free

2-3 - Who's Afraid of a Lullaby?! - Concerts & Album Celebration
Lullabies featured on the 'Nights Transfigured' & 2+ premieres!

• Tuesday Nov. 10 at 8pm EST - ZOOM (click to register)

• Sunday Nov. 15 at 1pm EST - ZOOM (click to register)

  • Anthony R. Green: Counting Backwards - World premiere
  • Kincaid Rabb: Water Lilies - World premiere
  • Roger Eon: Berceuse • John McDonald: Upward
  • Francine Trester: Lullaby for Our Time
  • Stephanie Ann Boyd: Esperanza • Agustín Castilla-Ávila: Perseiden
  • Thomas L. Read: The moon through the window shines down
  • Thomas Schuttenhelm: Weigenlied
  • Barnaby Oliver: The Pillow That You Dream On

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In September and October I played for a college in India, a Zalon in  Philadelphia, and had the third of three of wide ranging interview-performances. The latter on FB garnered 30K views!

3 Interview-Perfomances for The Bradley Jay Show (youtube)

  1. June 1 – Music of Dyens, Bach, Pure Imagination 
  2. June 22 – Music Paso Doble, Bach, Over the Rainbow
  3. Sep. 14 – Music of Laurie Spiegel, Shende, Tarrega

Sep. 16Across the Modal Seas at Bhagwan Mahavir University in Gujarat, India (FB) • Organized by Your Heaven Audio • Multiple performers

• Oct.11Zalon of Andrea ClearfieldMusic of Garrett Ian Shatzer and Tarrega



Eddie Van Halen passed away from cancer on October 6. Hugely influential, he left a great mark on music. Here's my take of his lullaby 316 I made the day he passed.

New Lullabies from the New Music Gathering in June 2020: 

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