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October 21, 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Equestrian Western Australia Survey.

This survey has been created as a way for EWA to understand what is important to our members, non-members and SEC users to ensure our services and programs remain relevant to your needs in an ever-changing environment.

This survey is voluntary, confidential and should take less than 15 minutes to complete. Responses will not be identified by the individual, rather compiled together to analyse trends to help EWA, the SEC and our elected committees fulfill their responsibilities with evidence-based decisions.

The following prizes will be award to 4 randomly-selected respondents, in order of draw:
1. $250 EWA voucher
2. $250 EWA voucher
3. $50 SEC voucher
4. $50 SEC voucher

(Note: the EWA vouchers can be used towards memberships, horse registrations, transfers etc.)

If you wish to be included in the lucky draw, you will need to provide your contact details at the end of this survey. The prize winners will be drawn on 5 November 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on (08) 9296 1200 or email

To participate in the Survey Please CLICK HERE


2021 EWA Annual Elections for the Board of directors and Sport committee representatives for the period 2022 to 2024


Vote Now via MyEA with voting closing at 11.59pm Tuesday 9th November, 2021.

Following the request for nominations elections will be held for the EWA Board of Director and the EWA Dressage committee.

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2022 Club & Event Dates are Due in NOW



Know a special someone in the equestrian world? Nominate them for the 𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭 award at our 2021 Equestrian WA Awards Night.
Nominate now via the MyEA portal. Nominations close at 12 pm, Sunday 28 November



Marketing & Communications Coordinator

EWA is seeking a Marketing and Communications Coordinator to join our team. They will be responsible for designing and implementing marketing and online communication strategies, ensuring contractual sponsorship’s marketing arrangements are met, and working with the team with coordinating the promotion of associated events as required.

Please click here for further information.

This week WA state riders participated in the third last Competitive Edge zoom meeting for the year.

We were very fortunate to have German guru Bettina Hoy run a session. Bettina was the first female to represent Germany on their International Eventing team. Bettina holds the record for the best ever Eventing dressage score at top level. (Old scoring)

Having now moved on to pure dressage, and training with Klaus Blackenhol, Bettina is concentrating on coaching. Bettina coaches the Australian based elite Eventing riders as well as riders from Holland, America and Switzerland to name just a few.

In Bettina’s talk she discussed the importance of the training scale and what it actually means. Having covered this, squad members were then able to ask questions. This was an incredibly good period of time as many riders asked questions to help them with specific problems they have in their own training. It was especially good to see the young dressage riders stepping up, and this session had the most questions of any presentation so far.

EA national High Performance program is planning on bringing Bettina to Australia early in 2022.

Special thanks to Rebecca Hackett for putting the Power point presentation together for us.

For the next session we hope to have another international presenter and to finish the year we will have a special treat. Stay tuned!

A reminder to ALL patrons that pets MUST be on leads and controlled at ALL TIMES and please clean up after your pet.



EWA is seeking a Caretaker for the State Equestrian Centre, the position requires a motivated person or preferably a couple to fulfil the role as outlined in the position description here.

The SEC Caretaker will be required to live on-site in the Caretaker house and would be required to perform after-hours and weekend duties. The successful applicant will be required to work 14 hours per week, this is a paid position, and a rental agreement for the Caretaker house will be required. The rent for the caretaker house would be equivalent to the Caretaker remuneration.

Please note that while a dog/cat would be permitted no horse agistment is available.

Applicants are to email CV, referee, to


For all Bookings CLICK HERE

All bookings can made online. CLICK HERE for more information and to make a booking.

EWA - OTT Esperance Clinic

‘Off the Track WA’ is coming to Esperance!

Equestrian WA and Off the Track WA (OTTWA) are proud to be bringing the fifth regional OTTWA clinic to Esperance Equestrian Centre over the weekend of November 6 & 7.  It has been a busy 2021 with successful clinics in Albany, Busselton, Geraldton & Murray.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Esperance and Goldfields owners of the off the track standardbreds and thoroughbreds to take advantage of our experienced EA accredited coaches - David Carey, Liz Tollarzo and Kellie-Ann Crowe.  This clinic will feature groundwork, flatwork (green, intermediate and advanced) and poles, rails and jumping.

Nominate entries are now open. Be sure to book your place now as these popular clinics fill up quickly. Registrations close Thursday, 29 October 2021.

For more information and to enter click here

Equestrian Australia Updates


Calling for EOI'S for the EA Driving Committee now open.



The proposed date for the 2022 Interschool Equestrian State Championships is Thursday 21 April 2022 to Saturday 23 April 2022.  This is the second week in the school holidays.

Please try to obtain your qualifications well before the event; there are still a number of shows before the end of 2021 at which prospective Interschool competitors can compete.

Please also ensure that your 2022 Membership will be up to date as early in the new year as possible and any new horse registrations are complete at the time of obtaining your qualifications. Entries for the Interschool Championships will likely close mid-March 2022.


Find the full schedule here.


EWA Show Horse Awards Presentation

Windy Creek Winery, Stock Rd, Herne Hill
2 pm, Saturday 28th November

Announcement and presentation of leaderboard winners and the bonus you've all been waiting for - THE TRIPLE CASH BONANZA!

Come and wind up the show season with us. Everyone welcome. More information coming soon

Show Horse WA HROY Feedback
To our Valued Show Horse Competitors,

The Show Horse Committee endeavours to conduct the best shows it can and the EWA and Endeavon Products Horse and Rider of the Year is very important to us all.  In 2021 we tried a different program format but, as we are already thinking about 2022, we want to know what you think. Can you give us your feedback? There are some short questions, and your responses will be confidential. The survey closes on 28 October 2021.

For the survey please click HERE


  • All Show Horse Leaderboards now updated - please click - HERE


Reminder to Clubs – for points to count towards the Leader Board, Results and Levies must be received by the EWA office within 14 days of the event.




6 -7 Dressage Busselton Horse & Pony Club
14 Dressage  Albany Agricultural Society
17 -21 Dressage JTF Steven Clarke

5 Dressage Transitions

*All dates subject to change



  • Did you know – Helmet Tagging will be mandatory for all EA Affiliated Jumping events from 1 January 2022.

    Keep in touch with your local Jumping Club, State Equestrian Branch, and EA website to find out where you can get your helmet tagged ahead of the 2022 Jumping season.

  • Current LEADER BOARDS NOW on the EWA website - HERE

  • RIDERS REP - Riders do not forget that Les Bunning is your Riders Rep. Les is there to talk to if you have any concerns whatsoever, big or small in regards to the event, general rules or welfare of horse or rider. Les can take concerns back to the organising committee or Jumping WA Committee

2021 Australian Jumping Championships

There’s some exciting news in relation to the 2021 Australian Jumping Championships, please find the news article live here:
New Dates for 2021 Australian Jumping Championships at Boneo Park | EA
Boneo Park has today advised the new dates for the 2021 Pryde’s Easifeed Australian Jumping Championships (AJC), with the 2021 event now being held 2-6 February 2022.




  • 22-24 Jumping WA State Championship @ Serpentine H & P Club
  • 30      Southside Diamond Show
  • 30      Gidge Ag Show


  • 6-7   Taminga Championship Show @Taminga
  • 13    Southside Gold Show @ Serpentine H & PC
  • 14    Diamond Championship Show @ Serpentine H & PC
  • 19-21  Yalambi Spring Champs @ Yalambi Farm
  • 20     Wanneroo Ag Show @ Wanneroo Show Grounds


  • 4-5   Dryandra Showjumping @ Dryandra TBC

*All dates subject to change


  • Eventing WA is on facebook ... join us HERE to stay updated on all things EVENTING, including the "Monday Rules" and "Tuesday-Three-Day-Tips" by some of our top WA Eventing riders! 
  • Head over to the EWA website for all updated leader boards -> HERE (updated 16/09/2021)




  • 30-31 Brigadoon 2 CCN-S - Ev65 – CCN3*-S

*All dates subject to change


The EWA Horse Welfare committee has had a discussion around the use of the whip in our sports after concerns were raised by members about the use of the whip “overhand”.

The committee reached a consensus that making the decision to turn the whip over in the rider’s hand (as pictured below) and using it on the horse with the increased force that comes with this method is not in the interest of best horse welfare, and nor is it beneficial for the long term social license of the sport.

The committee members were tasked to discuss this further with their individual discipline committees as a group, and assess their individual rules when it comes the whip.  It was found that the rules vary quite dramatically from discipline to discipline.

As EA is conducting a full review of all their national discipline rules, with a view to unify and simplify them across the codes, the EWA Welfare Committee hopes that the use of the whip, and other rules around ethics and welfare, are addressed and clarified.

Let’s have a look at the ethics of using the whip “overhand”.

For the purpose of this post, “overhand” means turning the whip over in the hand, so that the long part now exits the hand from the thumb, rather than the little finger.  (as in the image on the right, below). The definition of “overhand” in some of the sports rules is not made clear, or can mean something different to this.

In the opinion of the welfare committee, using the whip overhand is a breach of welfare for the following reasons:
1. The whip is not designed to be used in this manner- hence it is equipment being used not as it intentioned.
2. The whip used in this manner can be used to apply significantly more force. A rider’s whip is there as an aid to communication, not as tool to punish, and by applying more force the committee feels this is no longer communication, but punishment.
3. The decision making process in order for a rider to consciously shift the whip position in their hand in this manner is often (through observation) made under pressure to perform or frustration at lack of performance.
4. The whip or indeed any aid should never be used in anger or frustration, and when it is detrimental to the horse and achieves nothing in terms of training.

The welfare committee would like all riders, parents and coaches to consider this question when thinking about how they use the whip in competition or training:  Would you turn a stick over in your hand in this manner to hit a child?  Or your pet dog?  One would hope not.  So, if you would not hit a child or a dog in this manner, why would we think that hitting a horse in this manner is acceptable?

Anita Marchesani
Horse Welfare Committee Chair.

Measuring Western Australia SHC, EA


Last measuring dates for 2021


30th - 31st.  Show Horse Council HOTY - SEC


13th - Busselton



A reminder about the upcoming ARCA AGM on Friday November 26! All Clubs should be represented. Keep an eye on the Reps Group for updates.


24 October - Brookleigh ARC - Showjumping Training Day

23 October - Magenup ARG - Encouragemnt Hack Day

24 October  - Avon Valley ARC - Hunter Trials - Entries are open

14 November -  Wanneroo AECI - Fire & Ice Hacking and SJ Day

13 November - AGM & Awards Presentation - Dressage Association of WA


Just a REMINDER that anyone attending the State Equestrian Centre will be required to register their contact details upon arrival to the facilities, from Saturday 5 December 2020.

Download the Safe WA app on your phone prior to arriving at the SEC and Scan the QR codes which will be at entrances around the buildings.

Get the app HERE

If you don’t have a mobile phone a manual form will be available.

From Saturday, 5 December 2020 the Western Australian Government will be implementing a stringent COVID-19 contact tracing procedure. This is in line with the State’s relaxation of the hard border policy.

Selected businesses and venues are required to keep a contact register of ALL visitors. This includes indoor sporting centres, entertainment venues and community facilities. Equestrian WA has sought clarification on equestrian venues and have been advised that most facilities will be required to participate in the mandatory “SafeWA” QR contract tracing register.

The same hygiene, social distancing and COVID Safety Plan measures remain in place for all venues. We have again reviewed and updated the following documents to support the gradual restart of the equestrian activities in WA.

EWA gratefully acknowledges the support of the Department of Sport and LotteryWest.

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