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SH73/SH75 Christchurch to Akaroa and SH74 Lyttelton speed review project update
11 May 2022


Christchurch to Akaroa - safer speeds are coming for one of New Zealand's highest risk roads


New speeds for SH73/75 Christchurch to Akaroa, SH74 Lyttelton and Banks Peninsula local roads

New safer speed limits are coming for SH73 and SH75 from Christchurch to Akaroa, on some local side roads and on SH74 at Norwich Quay/Gladstone Quay in Lyttelton.

The date the new speed limits apply will be advertised soon and the changes will be introduced around late July/early August 2022.

Speeds on SH73 and SH75 from Christchurch to Akaroa were reviewed because this route is in the top 10 per cent in the country where we can make the biggest difference in preventing people being killed and seriously injured in road crashes.

Between 2011-2020, there were 739 crashes that we know of on this road. Nine people were killed and 72 people suffered serious injuries in these crashes, leaving families and communities grieving and many people with life-long injuries. (Data extracted August 2021 from the Crash Analysis System - CAS).


It takes zero to get to no one


We're on the Road to Zero

Imagine an Aotearoa New Zealand where everyone can get to where we're going safely. Where it's safe for us to drive to work and home again or visit whānau and friends. Where it's safe to ride bikes and let tamariki walk to school. Where transport improves our health and wellbeing and connects people and communities.

To achieve Vision Zero, we need to create a safe transport system which recognises that people make mistakes and is designed so that these mistakes don't cost people's lives.

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Motorcyclist near Tai Tapu


Safer, more enjoyable travel

The new speed limits will make travel a safer and more enjoyable experience, whether people are driving, riding motorcycles, cycling or walking.

It is not safe or appropriate for the Christchurch to Akaroa road to have speed limits like the Christchurch Southern Motorway or Christchurch Northern Corridor.

The new speed limits are safe and appropriate for the type of road and surrounding environment and are in line with the speeds most light vehicles are currently travelling at.

On a similar rural highway - SH6 from Blenheim to Nelson - no one has been killed since speed limits were lowered in December 2020. Some Marlborough locals tell us worries about driver frustration, risky overtaking and travel times aren't as concerning as they first thought.



Map showing new speeds

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Four weeks of advertising will give people advance notice of the date the new speed limits apply, which will be approximately late July or early August 2022, subject to supply and winter construction conditions.

Local police will be in the area when the new speeds come into effect in the weeks following and there will be electronic signs to help remind drivers.

Until then, current speed limits apply.

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Gathering feedback - Tai Tapu community pop-up event July 2021


We listened and made changes

The decision on the new speed limits follows a thorough technical assessment of the road which considers factors like crash history, road environment, average speeds as well as feedback received from the public and stakeholders.

It's worth noting, public consultation on speed limit changes is not a vote. It is about considering community input on safety and understanding how people use the road before making an evidence-based decision.

We received 670 pieces of feedback during consultation - thank you for this. Your feedback provides valuable insight.

People also told us about changes they'd like to see in addition to speed changes.

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