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Use Leapfrog to build customer loyalty

Many of our stockists are already taking part in our Leapfrog scheme, through which your customers can trade-in their old Frog bike when they are ready for the next size up.

We’re getting more demand (at least a phone call every day at the moment) from parents whose kids are now growing out of their old Frog bikes.  Parents are taking their bikes into their local stockist but we sometimes hear that the stockist is either not familiar with the Leapfrog scheme or is unsure of how much to offer the parents off their next Frog bike.

So, here’s a reminder of the scheme and an example.

Depending on the condition of the bike, we suggest you offer a reasonable price (around £100 for a Frog 52/55) when the family trades up to a Frog 62. You can then refurbish the old bike, list it on our Leapfrog page to help find a new buyer (we don’t charge any commission or listing fee), sell it for around £180 and more than cover your costs.

The advantage to your store is that you’ll have sold two bikes for (in this example) £350, rather than one for £270, and made two customers happy. You’ll get the customer back again every time they grow out of their Frogs.  And it’s in all of our interests to keep customers away from ebay, which is where they’d otherwise go to sell their old bikes.

Last week a family with two daughters traded in their smallest Frog for a new bike for their oldest child, and said they’d plan to do the same every year from now onwards.  So that store will make a repeat sale every year to that family, plus servicing, accessories etc. Everyone was happy.

If you think this would work in your store, please explain the scheme to all your staff. And do speak to Penny or Luke if you need help listing the bikes on our Leapfrog page.