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SH1/SH3 Bulls to Sanson speed review project update
4 July 2022

Groundworks image

Groundworks around the SH3 / Pukenui Road intersection


Tests finalise roundabout design

In early March, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency carried out groundworks around the State Highway 3 / Pukenui Road intersection. 

The works investigated the condition of the existing road pavement and identified where utilities were located.

The investigations were successful and the results are being used to confirm the final detailed design for the new roundabout at the intersection.



Safe and future-proofed

The new roundabout being constructed at Pukenui Road will be three-armed and double laned. There will be two approach lanes from each direction, with two straight lanes in both directions of travel along SH3. The roundabout will reduce speeds on the through lanes, making the intersection safer. 

There will be separate lanes for vehicles turning left or right out Pukenui Road; this will reduce delays here and will become more important as traffic on this road increases with the construction of a new Commercial Vehicle Safety Centre, and developments at Ōhakea. 

We expect to begin construction of the roundabout later this year. See the schematic design larger on the project webpage.

Schematic roundabout design image


Shared path and commercial vehicle safety centre

We have now finalised design of the shared use path which will run from Bulls to Ōhakea and are looking to construct the path in conjunction with the roundabout.

Detailed design is well underway for the new Commercial Vehicle Safety Centre (CVSC, formerly weigh station) which will be located at the western corner of SH3 and Pukenui Road.

Twelve CVSC sites are being rolled out across the country in the Weigh Right Programme and will be used for the inspection of potentially overweight vehicles. 

Read more about the Weigh Right Programme 



More information


A note - Powerco work

If you have travelled on SH 1/3 recently you might have noticed some works underway - this is not related to the project and is cabling/ducting work being carried out by our friends at Powerco.

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