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Dressage Judges and Officials Newsletter - April 2022

April 12, 2022

Not a lot to laugh about at the moment, but hope this brings a smile to your face - it did to mine".



Give me a sentence using the words Defence, Defeat and Detail


When a horse jumps over defence, defeat goes before detail!

A message from our Chair

Dear Queensland judges,

It has come to our attention   that clubs are finding some judges do not reply at all to  invitations  which makes it very difficult for them.

Can we please ask you all to reply to  invitations whether it is negative or positive so that  clubs are able to do their planning.

If you have conflicts of interest to also declare those at the time of agreeing to judge.

Please assist our clubs  and organisers of our sport with a simple reply!!

Irene  Bakels-Noreen



Don’t forget your requirements re attending Workshops and Seminars. The links are below so see what best suits you.

The 2022 workshops and seminars can be found here.

The National Officals calendar can be found here.


Don’t forget to send in your reaccreditation form for this reaccreditation period.

From Amy McGregor, the EA Pathways Manager – Officials:

“The re-accreditation cycle from 1 January 2019 to 31 March 2022 is almost finalised, so please start preparing for the process that will ensure you have met the compulsory update requirements enabling you to re-accredit for the next 3-year period – 1/4/22 to 31/3/25.  The deadline is 31/3/22.”

Note for EA dressage officials it goes back to 1.1.18.

All documents can be found on the EA website HERE.

FORUM for all interested in dressage

DQOSC are planning is underway to run a face- to- face Forum again this year on Saturday 19 November 2022 (venue to be confirmed).  Fingers crossed!

We are always open to ideas, expressions of interest etc re what you would like to see included in the Forum.

We will do our best to accommodate you. Now is your chance to let us know - planning has already started so don’t waste any time letting us know.

EA Accreditation - Dressage


Congratulations to Jennifer Gunn who has completed her requirements and is now a G level Judge. Jennifer lives in Spring Hill and can be reached at 

Unfortunately Lisa Gall - EA G level Judge - has asked for a LOA due to personal commitments. We hope to see you back again soon Lisa.

Coffee and Catch-up- Zoom sessions

These evenings were extremely popular last year with many Judges asking for more of them to be run.

Below are the proposed dates - so take note of them. Liz Coe will send out emails closer to the time re details etc, but better to be forewarned so you keep the evening free.

Wednesday 13th – A level judges
Wednesday 20th – G level judges
Wednesday 27th – E/F level judges


Monday 9th – B/C level judges
Wednesday 11th -  Candidate G level judges
Wednesday 25th – D level judge

An Exciting Competition – what a great idea!

The Equestrian Queensland Next Gen Advisory Group is seeking expressions of interest for our inaugural EQ Next Gen Virtual Intervarsity Dressage Challenge - with judging taking place over a one-week period 11th - 17th July 2022.

Please see the event details below:

Event:  2022 EQ Next Gen Virtual Intervarsity Dressage Challenge
Type:  Virtual Dressage Event
Date:  July 11th – 17th July 2022 (Judging period)

Event Link here

This event is run in virtual format - videos are sent to the judges and marked on paper or via the Nominate LiveScore Dressage App.

If you are available and would like to judge at our event, please email the EQ Next Gen team at

Warm Regards,

Sara-Jane Seery
EQ Next Gen Advisory Group


Equestrian Queensland

A message re Helmet Tagging

Just a reminder that you must NEVER provide tags to someone to take home and tag their helmets.

We do encourage riders to have all their helmets tagged. Competition helmets must be tagged, but helmets that are used for lessons, etc. are nice to have tagged to make it easy for the coaches to know that the helmets are compliant. However, unless you inspect the helmet personally, you cannot provide tags to the athletes to tag their own.

And thank you for all those now remembering to tag helmets on the front left strap. I know that there was a little glitch at the beginning where some helmet taggers did not realise that the helmets needed to be tagged there, but the feedback I am now receiving is that if a helmet has inadvertently been tagged in the wrong place, these tags are now being replaced. Similarly, I know that there were a number of instances where tags were cut in half as the tagger had run out of tags. This is a good emergency measure, but we know that these tags are not as long lasting. If an athlete comes to you to replace the tag, please do so graciously as it was not the athlete’s fault, only an unfortunate set of circumstances’.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Jenny Merity
Committee Liaison Officer
Equestrian Australia

Judging for G level Judges

This is a problem - someone goes to all the trouble of accrediting as a G level Judge - and then what!

There are Clubs who regularly use G level Judges at their Events but we need to encourage more organising committees to use these Judges.

We need to actively encourage these Judges as they are our future Elementary, Medium, Advanced . . . . . etc level Judges.

G level Judges can judge Preliminary Classes and Novice Classes (along with an accredited F or above level Judge).

Clubs run quite a lot of Members only days - ideal for G level Judges - and just about every club has any number of G level Judges living close by.

G level Judges also need to be a little proactive. Offer your services to a Club - ask to sit-in with a higher level Judge, or Shadow Judge with them, or even write/scribe  for other judges – it’s a great educational exercise. It is all about experience (especially when starting out as a Judge) and the more you can get the better.

We need you, so stay positive and put yourself forward. DQOSC is here to help you, so let us know how we can do so.

‘A mistake that makes you humble, is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant’

Take care everyone


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