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Changes and traffic impacts due to COVID-19

Back onsite but not business as usual

Last week our large construction force (there are around 250 of us) spent time learning how to work under the new COVID-19 Alert Level 3 safety protocols.

There are quite a few challenges to overcome but everyone is adapting and getting on with the job. We are also grateful to all the local residents, business owners and motorists who are being patient with our new way of working.

Health and safety is staying at the forefront of our decision making and we are making an extra effort to be patient with each other through this adjustment period. We know you will understand and grant us the same courtesy. A nod or a wave is always appreciated.

Timing is critical

Road construction work is weather and temperature dependent and is planned to be more intensive during warmer months. The new health and safety precautions, plus the loss of five of the ten weeks remaining construction time ahead of winter (due to the lock down) has meant we have revised our work priorities and methodologies, including how traffic is managed.

Revised construction programme

Prior to lock down, the programme included getting traffic on the new motorway full length, with some local road works to be completed next summer.  With the lock down and more restrictive work practices now in place, this will not be possible.

The new programme of work includes targets such as:

  • reopening the SH1/Hoskyns Rd intersection
  • completing the Weedons Ross Rd/Jones Rd roundabout
  • opening the Robinsons Rd link under the highway
  • finishing works on Springs Rd and Shands Rd. 

Work on the motorway itself will focus on attempting to get traffic on the citybound lanes, although achieving this will be very dependent on weather through May and early June.

Our strategy is also to complete those temporary works that we know will not last through the winter period.  This will avoid more significant and lengthy disruption through the winter months and into spring due to the failure of these sections of road under traffic.

Better now than later

Putting it simply, we are ripping the band aid off quickly, instead of enduring months of inconvenience and interruption, as well as additional construction costs.

This will mean over the next six weeks, we are asking for your patience as we undertake work that will require more restrictions on traffic than usual. We hope you understand that the added waiting time and distance travelled over the next few weeks is preferable to extended inconvenience through winter months and into spring.

Pulling out the stops

Additional measures to help speed up work and minimise inconvenience include the use of alternative materials and taking advantage of the current reduced traffic volumes to undertake some of the more disruptive work over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Here is a list of revised traffic impacts to be aware of over the next six weeks:

  • Hoskyns Rd is currently 'left in and left out' only at Main South Rd (SH1). Traffic is encouraged to use the Weedons Interchange in the meantime.  (To re-open mid-June.)
  • Manion Rd is closed at Curraghs Rd: use Jones Rd detour. (To re-open early June.)
  • Robinsons Rd is closed at Main South Rd, and will remain closed until mid-2020 when it will pass under Main South Rd and reconnect with Curraghs Rd. (To open mid-June.)
  • Weedons Rd is closed south of Levi Rd as part of the CSM2 work. (To re-open late May.)
  • Jones Rd is closed each side of Weedons Ross Rd, detour via surrounding local roads. (To re-open late May.)


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