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What Would You Do? Info and Options for Active Killing Events

Regardless of whether you think active killing events are increasing or decreasing, or are either being sensationalized or downplayed, active killing events are here to stay. With that being the case, what are we doing to prepare for one?

First on the list is to avoid "gun free" zones (if you can help it). Statistically, most active killing events happen in gun free zones. The bad guys in these incidents are not looking for a gunfight, they are looking for a body count. If they wanted a gunfight, they'd go to a police station (when was the last time you heard of that happening?).

If you must go to a gun free zone, have a plan. Know entrances and exits, know what in your environment will reasonably stop bullets, and what in your environment can be used, adapted, or modified into a weapon (think heavy or sharp).

One of the hardest things to make a habit is paying attention to your environment. It's bad enough to be distracted by a friend or one of the many giant TVs positioned around a restaurant or bar, but the age of information allows us to be constantly connected to family, friends, work, and social media. Decide what's more important, keeping track of your environment (safety) or... grabbing for your cell phone every time it pings. Like the big signs say on the interstate in reference to texting and driving, it can wait.

If an active killing event starts, what are your options?
Leave - the farther you are from danger, the farther you are from harm. Knowing how to get out (doors/windows) as well as alternate routes will get you to safety.

Barricade in place - if you can't leave, can you barricade, fortify your position, and set up an ambush? Do the doors in the environment you're in lock? Is there something to wedge or brace the door? Are you prepared to do what is necessary to fight for your life if the shooter enters?

Fight - are you armed (first rule of a gunfight is to bring a gun)? Are you by yourself or with other people (family, friends, coworkers, students in a classroom)? As much as we'd like to be the one that moves towards the sound of gunfire, it may be better to set up an ambush so the people mentioned don't lose our protection. My mother is ninety years old and leaving her next to a cellphone kiosk at the mall to look for the shooter is not going to get me invited over for Easter or Thanksgiving dinner. If you are free to move towards the threat, what is your skill level? Often, you'll be in what is for the shooter a target rich environment. Can you make the shot and bring down the shooter quickly?

If this discussion has the wheels turning, consider signing up for TDI's Response to Active Killer class. The shooting is only a portion of these events. We also cover medical response for gunshot wounds and preparing for the arrival of first responders.

Stay safe. Keep your skills up.


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