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Feedback sought on Intersection Speed Zone for State Highway 3 at Junction St, New Plymouth

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is moving forward with safety improvement plans for SH3 between New Plymouth and Egmont Village.

As a part of Stage One priority works, public consultation is being held on a proposal for an intersection speed zone to reduce speeds at the SH3 intersection with Junction Street.

The consultation period runs from 27 February to 2 April.

Please visit to share your views. 


Intersection Speed Zones
Intersection speed zones improve safety at intersections along high-speed rural roads and can reduce fatal and serious crashes by 69%.

They are part of the Safe System approach, which aims to create a forgiving environment and reduce harm when people make mistakes.

You can learn more about intersection speed zones and how they work on the Waka Kotahi website.

Junction Street Intersection
If confirmed following public consultation, the intersection speed zone would detect when traffic is approaching the highway from Junction St, or turning right into Junction St from the highway, and temporarily reduce the local SH3 speed limit to 60kmh. 

When operating, the zone’s two digital signs – located approximately 150m north and south of the Junction St intersection – would display an enforceable speed limit of 60kmh.

These measures would temporarily slow traffic, making it easier and safer for people to pull out of or into Junction St across a high-speed rural road. This would help take the pressure off and protect people by reducing the risk and severity of crashes.

The current 100kmh speed limit would continue to apply at all other times. 

In response to public feedback, people will still be able to make right turns out of Junction St, reducing the likelihood of adding to congestion on the local network.

What else is included in Stage One? 

At Junction St

  • Widening of the centreline north and south of the Junction St intersection, covering 1km in total – to allow for the future installation of flexible median barriers.
  • Removal of the southbound passing lane at Junction St to reduce risk – This 420m passing lane is much shorter than the minimum safe overtaking length of 600m-800m. 

At Mangorei Rd

  • Construction of a roundabout at the Mangorei Rd intersection. It will be an oval shape to minimise impacts on surrounding properties. It will have one lane in each direction. The design also includes a cycle lane to help cyclists safely navigate the roundabout.
  • Removal of the northbound passing lane prior to the Mangorei Rd intersection to make room for the new roundabout.
  • Widening of the centreline north and south of the Mangorei Rd intersection, covering about 1km in total – to allow for the future installation of flexible median barriers.

We aim to start construction of the works at Junction St in the first half of 2023, with the Mangorei Rd roundabout beginning later in the year, subject to funding and contractor availability.

Duration of works is still to be confirmed but we intend to complete these safety improvements as quickly as possible. All works are subject to property negotiations and consenting.

In the meantime, we are also working on a final design for the rest of the New Plymouth to Egmont Village corridor, known as Stage Two.




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